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Philly Dem Files Bill to Strip School Boards of Power to ‘Ban’ Books

State Rep. Christopher Rabb plans to reintroduce a bill that would prevent what he calls “book banning” by school boards,…

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Radnor Parents File Police Report Over ‘Gender Queer’ in High School Library

On Sunday, Mike Lake, along with the support of some other Radnor Township School District parents, filed a police report…

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Mastriano’s New ‘Hard to Watch” Ad Targets Parents

Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano is hoping a groundswell of angry parents will sweep him over the finish line. Mastriano…

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DelVal Parents Press State Senate for Bill to Codify Their Rights

For Bucks County parents Megan Brock and Jamie Cohen Walker, Tuesday's state Senate committee hearing on parent's rights was not…

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POLL: Americans Don’t Want Obscene Books in Their Kids’ School Libraries

A debate has raged across the Delaware Valley between parents and education officials over the presence of sexually-explicit books in…

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UPDATE: Parents Protest GVSD Transgender Bathroom Policy

Should girls who attend the Great Valley School District (GVSD) be forced to share bathrooms with boys who identify as…

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Great Valley Schools Sic Cops on Parent Being Interviewed in Parking Lot

The East Whiteland Police Department sent three cars to the Great Valley High School District Wednesday where Fenicia Redman, the…

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Great Valley Mom Sues District, State Officials Over Graphic Sex in School Books

A mother with a teenager in the Great Valley School District filed a federal lawsuit against the district over obscene…

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Push for Radical Gender Policies in K-12 Education a Top-Down Effort, Mastriano Says

Parents in several Delaware Valley school districts have complained about their children being exposed to a “woke” gender agenda and…

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Malvern Mom Threatens Lawsuit Against Great Valley Over Sexually Explicit Books

Fenicia Redman learned from another parent about obscene books in the libraries at Great Valley High and Middle schools about…

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Five Dems Are Vying For AG Nomination in Primary

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office is often a stepping stone to the governor’s mansion. Perhaps…

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67 Arrested as Global Anti-Israel Protests Hit Philly Monday

Dozens of anti-Israel protesters were arrested in Philadelphia on Monday, part of a global protest…

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