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Men of Action Brothers of Faith to Hold Thanksgiving Meals

(From a press release)

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving traces its origins to harvest festivals. It was customary to express gratitude for a bountiful harvest in the cultures of both the Pilgrims who sailed from England in 1620 and the Native Americans they encountered.

Men of Action Brothers of Faith, Inc.‘s next event will be their annual A Day of Thanks Holiday Meal where they will once again proudly partner with Murphy’s Giving Market to provide free delicious holiday meals in Yeadon, Darby, and Upper Darby on the three days prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday. A day of thanks community dinner before Thanksgiving day every Thanksgiving year, Men of Action hosts a free sit down or take out dinner where they serve and feed hundreds of people. Men of Action delivers meals to nursing homes to those who can’t join them in person.

“I love when we put on this event. It is a good real deed and I am proud of that. We are giving back to the community we love. This event is meant for everyone to just come by and get some free food platters,” said MOABOF Vice President Hameen Diggins.

Locations, dates, and times, of the meal giveaways will be as follows:

Monday November 20th at the Darby Recreation Center, 1022 Ridge Avenue Darby

Tuesday November 21st at the Murphy’s Giving Market, 7408 West Chester Pike Upper Darby

Wednesday November 22nd at the Evan’s Elementary School, 900 Bailey Road Yeadon

Each meal giveaway times will be from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Murphy’s Giving Market, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, will be sponsoring the food for the meal giveaway event. Murphy’s Giving Market is a largely volunteer organization that provides food and mobilizes resources to end food insecurity in diverse communities. It was founded in an effort to eliminate food insecurity within the communities it serves. The Market believes that everyone has the right to sufficient, safe and healthy food with options, and that people should be served with dignity and respect.

“This event brings positive vibes for everyone. Showcasing a caring gesture to the community, makes members of the community feel appreciative of the kindness being offered, said Alim Howell, a MOABOF advocate and ember Alim Howell.

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Anti-Violence Event in Darby Slated for Saturday: ‘Burgers for Boys’

From a press release

The nonprofit group organization Men of Action Brothers of Faith will be having an anti-violence, mental health, gun prevention event for young boys and girls on Saturday June 24th from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the Delaware County Darby Borough Recreation Center, 1022 Ridge Avenue Darby. The event will also include safety information, conversation, food, entertainment, free raffles for prizes including a laptop.

Gun violence and crime have been at an all-time high currently in our country. Unfortunately, violent actions still occur and is still a major problem in our nation today. Reading and watching extremely negative news stories particularly including youth is tremendously saddening, especially for young people’s parent’s mental health. There is also a communication gap and a great divide among our youth population.

More transparency has to be done between all youth coming from older generations of community members. Speakers for this event will include Delaware Counties: Edward Brown, Joe Hinton, Kenny Martin, Leon Howard, and State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams with a special guest performance by music artist Bobby Zane. Richard Cooper, Men of Action Brothers of Faith Youth Director, will be providing the food for all to attend.

“Our event is calling on all young people to come together for some mentorship from the older generations,” said Hameen Diggins, Men of Action Brothers of Faith Vice President. “We were a part and born out of the baby boomer, generation X time period. We want to see our youth succeed immaculately, but both sides have to listen. The ending result will be all generations together form solutions on how to end and avoid much trauma coming from all this violence”.

Steven Hite, grandfather of seventeen-year-old SPERGO business owner Trey Brown said, “Our young people need more foundation with their families. Trey became increasingly aware of the violence that plagued his community. He wanted to do something to encourage his peers to stay out of trouble and follow their dreams instead. His three main moving words are power, strength, and courage! The parents, especially the father figure, has to hold their children accountable for their actions, and mistakes. An also be aggressively more involved in their children’s lives! At this point, all that is left is more prayer”.

Alim Howell, Urban Navigation Community Liaison, expressed his concerns saying, “Some of the violence that has happened since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic stems from the escalation of the disease in my perspective. The spread of the coronavirus disease put a bad vibe, plus giving a few extremely uncomfortable stressful years on the way of living. ”

This will be a free event for youth between the ages of 9 to 19.

Balling Against Gun Violence Basketball Game Set for April 15

From a press release

Urban Navigation and Men of Action Brothers of Faith Inc. are hosting a Balling Against Gun Violence event at the Darby Recreation Center on Saturday, April 15, from 2  to 6 p.m. This will be the third basketball event Urban Navigation and Men of Action Brothers of Faith Inc. hosted.

Men of Action Brothers of Faith began in July 2010. It started as a twice-a-month get-together with five men who decided to talk and share family, work, and life experiences in a safe haven where they could speak freely and confidentially, offer counsel, and encourage each other. Born out of a Delaware County barbershop, a group of men forged a brotherhood that has evolved into a non-profit organization focusing on mentoring, education, and community improvement events. To date, they have created everything from STEM events for children to volunteer community events.

In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we live, hosting a sit-down dinner every Thanksgiving and feed up to 200 people yearly. The diverse events have included hosting interactive mentoring luncheons to free computer workshops. The organization also adopts underprivileged families during the holidays and provides toys for children and food for the families.

Urban Navigation is a community organization developed to help reduce inner-city, and suburban gun violence. Urban Navigation connects with all youth through their interests to engage them towards better lives while reducing crime and improving environments. The methodology serves as a “GPS” for the inner city plus suburban youth to build successful and productive violence-free lives.

“We hope to see a lot of community members at this event. Our groups enjoy hosting these gun violence prevention events every chance we can,” said Hameen Diggins, president of Urban Navigation and Men of Action Brothers of Faith.

“It is a great thing that we are hosting a gun violence prevention event. We need Black support in our communities amongst our own,” said Urban Navigation founder Don Jackson.

Alim Howell, Urban Navigation Community liaison, said, “Having events like this every year is a good thing, especially in our current world society where a lot of violence is happening. The youth who participate will remember these events and it will leave a good memory into adulthood.”

This will be a free event at the recreation center, 1022 Ridge Avenue in Darby, for all people of all ages. Food and entertainment will be included.

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