From a press release

The nonprofit group organization Men of Action Brothers of Faith will be having an anti-violence, mental health, gun prevention event for young boys and girls on Saturday June 24th from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the Delaware County Darby Borough Recreation Center, 1022 Ridge Avenue Darby. The event will also include safety information, conversation, food, entertainment, free raffles for prizes including a laptop.

Gun violence and crime have been at an all-time high currently in our country. Unfortunately, violent actions still occur and is still a major problem in our nation today. Reading and watching extremely negative news stories particularly including youth is tremendously saddening, especially for young people’s parent’s mental health. There is also a communication gap and a great divide among our youth population.

More transparency has to be done between all youth coming from older generations of community members. Speakers for this event will include Delaware Counties: Edward Brown, Joe Hinton, Kenny Martin, Leon Howard, and State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams with a special guest performance by music artist Bobby Zane. Richard Cooper, Men of Action Brothers of Faith Youth Director, will be providing the food for all to attend.

“Our event is calling on all young people to come together for some mentorship from the older generations,” said Hameen Diggins, Men of Action Brothers of Faith Vice President. “We were a part and born out of the baby boomer, generation X time period. We want to see our youth succeed immaculately, but both sides have to listen. The ending result will be all generations together form solutions on how to end and avoid much trauma coming from all this violence”.

Steven Hite, grandfather of seventeen-year-old SPERGO business owner Trey Brown said, “Our young people need more foundation with their families. Trey became increasingly aware of the violence that plagued his community. He wanted to do something to encourage his peers to stay out of trouble and follow their dreams instead. His three main moving words are power, strength, and courage! The parents, especially the father figure, has to hold their children accountable for their actions, and mistakes. An also be aggressively more involved in their children’s lives! At this point, all that is left is more prayer”.

Alim Howell, Urban Navigation Community Liaison, expressed his concerns saying, “Some of the violence that has happened since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic stems from the escalation of the disease in my perspective. The spread of the coronavirus disease put a bad vibe, plus giving a few extremely uncomfortable stressful years on the way of living. ”

This will be a free event for youth between the ages of 9 to 19.