Pennsylvania House Republicans want the state Attorney General to look into the case of “Runaway Rep” Kevin Boyle and, in particular, the treatment the lawmaker received from his fellow Philadelphia Democrat, District Attorney Larry Krasner.

At issue is the curious case of an arrest warrant filed a week before the state primary against Boyle (D-Philadelphia), then withdrawn by Larry Krasner the day before the polls opened.

On Tuesday, House GOP Leader Bryan Cutler held a press conference to announce the Republican caucus sent a letter to Attorney General Michelle Henry asking her to investigate the matter.

Boyle, who reportedly suffers from mental illness, disappeared from the House and could not be located. He remains missing. His brother, Congressman Brendan Boyle (D-Philadelphia), said then that his brother declined help.

Boyle lost the primary to Democratic challenger Sean Dougherty, the son of state Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty and nephew of disgraced union leader Johnny “Doc” Doughtery. State Democrats had supported Dougherty over Boyle. In the fall, Doughtery faces Republican Aizaz Gill.

According the Cutler, Krasner’s actions in the Boyle case are so questionable that an outside review is required.

“While we all continue to be concerned about Rep. Boyle, there are a few things we know about the issuance and withdrawal of the arrest warrant,” said Cutler (R-Lancaster).

“We know the arrest warrant was announced a week before the primary election. The candidate who was the subject of that warrant was being opposed by his own party’s leadership. We know that the announcement of the arrest warrant being withdrawn was literally made on the eve of the 2024 primary election. We know DA Krasner has a history of political, inappropriate and unprofessional management of his office.”

The House impeached Krasner in 2022, and the Commonwealth Court rejected two of three articles of impeachment. The House then appealed to the state Supreme Court where it remains pending. Published reports say Krasner will seek a third term.

“This incident adds fuel to an already troubling pattern of lies and incompetence under district attorney Larry Krasner’s leadership,” said Martina White (R-Philadelphia). “Since taking office, the Philadelphia DA and his office have shown a concerning disregard for victims, court procedures, and the essence of judicial responsibility.”

She pointed out judges’ criticism of Krasner, his “attempting to unjustly convict an officer of murder and to spring a convicted murderer off of death row.”

“We cannot trust this district attorney to tell the truth about what happened in this case either,” said White. She accused Krasner of fostering “a dangerous pattern that jeopardizes public safety and erodes trust in our legal system.”

“The case of Rep. Kevin Boyle is not an outlier,” she said.

“This case is symptomatic of an office that has repeatedly exploited its power, not merely bending the rules but breaking them,” said White. “When a district attorney’s office can mislead a grand jury and deny a police officer his civil rights, as noted by Justice Kevin Dougherty, we must confront the reality that this is not about isolated incidents. It is about systemic failure.”

White said the DA’s office must approve violations of a protection from abuse order (the charge against Boyle).

“The law was not followed. And the proper procedures were not followed,” said Cutler. “Our main concern is on the eve of an election, does it qualify as election interference?”

Speaker of the House Joanna McClinton (D-Philadelphia) declined to comment through a spokeswoman. And the Attorney General’s Office acknowledged receiving the letter but declined further comment.

Krasner, however, remained combative. His spokesperson attacked House Republicans as “enemies of democracy” for questioning the DA’s behavior.

“The call from Pennsylvania House Republicans for an investigation is merely another instance of political theater by enemies of democracy,” said Dustin Slaughter with the D.A.’s office. “It’s ironic that many of those pushing for this investigation were also involved in disputing the 2020 election, as reported by the nonpartisan States United Democracy Center. Reps. George Dunbar, Bryan Cutler, Martina White, Seth Grove, and Joshua Kail were among those who contested the election.

“Perhaps we should be investigating actual attempts to undermine the integrity of our democratic process and continuing attempts to silence Philadelphia voters instead,” Slaughter said. “Regardless of these Republicans’ bogus efforts at distraction, we will continue to fight crime as they require us to fight stupid.”


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