My sources in Harrisburg tell me the Select Committee charged with investigating the possible impeachment of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is ling up its agenda in an unbiased and precise manner.

And I’ve learned that the very pronounced manner in which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rebuked Krasner on his vision of the legal use of lethal force by officers in his prosecution of Philadelphia Police Officer Ryan Pownall amplified the charge that Krasner is biased against cops.

Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty, who has deep Philadelphia roots, wrote a special concurrence to the majority opinion and noted that “a special concurrence is unusual. But so is the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office’s prosecution in this case.”  The justice attacked Krasner’s tactics with specific details and concluded Krasner’s work was intended to deprive Pownall of a fair trial.

Even though Krasner doesn’t seem to value impartiality when it comes to the police, I have a plea to make to the Select Committee to ensure transparency and fairness for Krasner’s preliminary impeachment investigation. Hold the impeachment hearings in Philadelphia!

First, Philadelphia is the scene of the carnage that is making national news, and the two Democratic representatives on the committee, Amen Brown of West Philadelphia, and Daniel Burgos of Kensington represent areas particularly hard hit by violence and general lawlessness.

Second, holding hearings in Philadelphia will curtail the Inquirer from making the tired point that these hearings are just political attacks from people with no stake in Philadelphia.

Third, hearings in Philadelphia will allow more witnesses to come forward to talk about the suffering they have experienced due to Krasner perverting the criminal justice system and his oath of office. It would also make it more convenient for Krasner supporters to chronicle their views of his unusual tactics.

Fourth, Philadelphia is the media capital of the state. Hearings here would force them to provide detailed coverage. In other words, Krasner’s media allies due to competition would have to cover it and maybe even show some of the moving testimony of the survivors of crime victims.

Fifth, there is a possibility that Philadelphia hearings might draw protesters that support Krasner and security might be a concern. So, what? Get enough security and support the free expression of Philadelphians.

Sixth, I think the scenario that I’ve set up, would make it much more likely for Krasner to testify. With tremendous media attention and his world-class smugness, Krasner might jump at the chance to tell us exactly what he is doing. If the rest of the state hears some of the highlights of his vision of his oath of office, there might be more understanding of what he has done to Philadelphia and the need for state action to remove him.

Seventh, if the hearings are held here, it raises the issue of public safety and will result in politicians like Philadelphia City Councilpersons Cherelle Parker, Allan Domb, and Helen Gym and supermarket magnate Jeff Brown to state their positions on Krasner and crime as they gear up campaigns for mayoral runs.

Finally, holding the hearings in Philadelphia would put them on the national map as we head to the midterm elections. Inflation and gas prices are the major concerns of most Americans but the issue of their own and their family’s safety is a top-tier concern. Krasner and the other district attorneys supported by George Soros and other progressives are symbolically on the ballot. Based on the recall of the San Francisco district attorney and probable recall of the Los Angeles district attorney, I think people have had enough.

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