It’s no understatement that Bidenomics may be Republicans’ saving grace this November.

As President Biden’s failed economic policy continues to plunder the American pocketbook, young and old Hispanic voters are looking for solutions. There is an apparent realignment from the progressive left to the conservative right.

Florida’s Marco Rubio, a third-term Republican senator, has prioritized highlighting Bidenomics. “Efforts to convince Americans that the economy is fantastic is almost insulting because that is not the reality,” Rubio said.

Under the Biden administration, long gone are the days when someone making $65,000 a year could achieve the American dream. For context, the median household income of a Hispanic family is $59,000 a year.

“Hispanics throughout the country remember the days when we had a president who prioritized creating American jobs and addressing the needs of American workers. They remember a time when we had a president who prioritized bringing manufacturing and industry back to the United States,” Rubio added.

If Republicans continue to highlight this administration’s economic policy, they will find that it’s a winning issue with Hispanics and other minorities. Bidenomics may be the saving grace for less prepared Republican candidates.

The GOP has made strides with Latinos, raking in 35 percent of the Latino vote in the last election, compared to 26 percent in 2000. A Washington Post poll has consistently shown Hispanics prefer Republicans to Democrats on solutions to inflation.

For what seems an eternity, right-wing pundits continue to hammer Biden on the effect of inflation on household budgets. For those who say that it’s like beating a dead horse, have you been to the grocery store lately? Stellar employment numbers are keeping the Federal Reserve from lowering interest rates. This is a large part of the equation driving up costs and increasing the cost of borrowing.

Republicans are not alone in delivering this message. Advocacy groups continue to be outspoken opponents of Biden’s economic disaster.

“Despite what President Biden would like to have Hispanics believe, the state of the union for the Hispanic community is not strong. Hispanics are bearing the brunt of a historically high inflation rate exacerbated by $5.5 trillion in new spending over the last three years. Under Bidenomics, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for many Latinos to pursue their version of the American Dream,” LIBRE said in response to Biden’s State of the Union in March.

It’s not just Hispanics that have turned former swing states into Republican strongholds. The GOP has made inroads with African-American women and other minority voters. According to a Gallup survey, Democrats’ lead over Republicans on the African-American vote has dropped by 20 percent in the last three years.

Outspoken Freedom Caucus member Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) has repeatedly mentioned that Bidenomics has failed Black America. “I would tell you right now that Black America or any segment of America is struggling under this president because our economy is not nearly where it should be,” Donalds said.

Donalds has continued criticizing the president’s policies for stunting American economic growth.

“What helps Black Americans is, frankly, what helps all Americans, and that’s a robust economy that is thriving and growing,” he said.

Rubio, Donalds and LIBRE’s efforts to fight Biden’s economic policy and inform voters is precisely what is needed from conservatives. Hispanics and Blacks are tired of having their pocketbooks raided.

The administration has focused economic policy on spending, which many believe is the primary cause of inflation. For many, inflation will remain the deciding factor in whom they support in November.

This shift may propel the Republican Party to victory in November.

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