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Montco Dems Choose New Party Chief As November Nears

As Montgomery County Democrats confront a challenging environment, they have selected a new chair to guide them into the 2022 midterm elections.

Jason Salus, formerly executive vice chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Party, is the new chairman. He is no stranger to Democratic politics, having chaired the Springfield Township Democrats and been Democratic area leader for Conshohocken, Plymouth, and Whitemarsh.

The 1992 presidential election whetted Salus’ interest in politics.

“My sister and I had health insurance through the CHIP program for lower-income kids, while my parents did not have health insurance at all,” he said. He recalled KYW airing a segment of a speech from then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton about health care reform, which resonated with him.

When he pointed out to his father how the speech “struck a chord” with him considering his family’s health care status, his father encouraged him to get involved despite not being very political.

“That night, we went home, got out the white pages, and looked up the number for our local Democratic committee person,” he said. Soon after that, Salus was knocking on doors after school and greeting voters at the polls. “That experience taught me that everyone, even at 13 years of age without politically-connected parents, can make a difference by rolling up their sleeves, doing the hard work, and volunteering for even a few hours a week.”

Outside of his roles inside political organizations, Salus was elected as a councilman in Conshohocken, and then he was elected Montgomery County Treasurer in 2011 in a narrow 2,500 vote win. He was re-elected in 2015 and 2019, increasing his margin of victory.

In a Facebook post earlier this month Salus attacked Montgomery County GOP Chair Liz Preate Havey for participating in a fundraiser for the Republican gubernatorial nominee.

“Doug Mastriano paid for antisemitic, alt-right extremists on Gab to join his campaign,” Salus wrote, referring to Mastriano’s work with the site where the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooter made antisemitic posts before the deadly 2018 attack. “By hosting a fundraiser for Mastriano last week, Montgomery County GOP Chair Liz Havey aided and abetted this unacceptable hatred and antisemitism that has no place in our communities,” he claimed.

Mastriano has since distanced himself from Gab and the network’s controversial CEO. Havey did not respond to DVJ’s request for comment.

State Rep. Nancy Guenst (D-Hatboro), the only Democrat to flip a state House seat in 2020, praised Salus.

“He has been an incredible colleague and friend,” she said. “His devotion to our party, our candidates, and our constituents is truly honorable.”

As chair, Salus said his top priorities for Montgomery Democrats are filling vacant committeeperson spots and providing the necessary training for all of them to be prepared to win the races the party needs.

“Motivate them to knock on more doors, get to know their neighbors, and share information about our Democratic candidates and the options for casting a vote in every election,” Salus said. “I still do not shy away from hard work.”

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JENKINS-DALLAS: Hispanic Red Wave Coming

“I am leaving; you took me for granted too long.” These are words you might hear between two people separating in a relationship. In actuality, it is what Hispanics are saying to the Democratic Party. And a more fitting quote would be, “Stop trying to control me.”

Everyone is asking why are so many Hispanics are fleeing the Democratic Party. The answer is simple. Hispanics are conservative. We stand by our faith, we love our families, and we love our country. We are passionate and proud people. We “woke” up to the fact that Democrats are trying to reinvent everything valuable to us.

The next question is, “Is there a Hispanic red wave truly?” We are hearing it straight from their mouth. NRSC Chairman Sen. Rick Scott launched the Hispanic Battleground Survey in 2021. Over 1,200 likely Hispanic voters of all parties revealed that a majority reject Democratic policies regarding socialism, lack of opportunity, voter ID ban, and immigration. They don’t want men in their daughter’s locker rooms. Yet Democrats assume Hispanics are with them. Maybe yesterday, but not today!

Even on a more personal level, as the executive director of the Hispanic Republican Coalition of Pennsylvania (HRCP), I have had the privilege of working with the NRSC Regional Director Josie Hill on this year’s project called Operation Vamos.

I have spoken to several hundred Democrats and they tell me overwhelmingly that they think President Joe Biden is not doing a good job. They are voting Republican. One lady I spoke to was getting her hair braided on her porch. With frustration, she threw her hands in the air and said, “We don’t have any money, gas costs too much. I’m voting for who is going to help me.” These are voters!

According to community leader David Torres, Hispanic voters in Philadelphia are vocal about what they want and don’t want.

“They don’t want more politicians coming into their neighborhoods promising great ideas, asking for their vote, and then leaving until the next election,” he said.

This abandonment is an excellent example of what I meant when I said, “You took me for granted for too long.” Do Democrats still believe Hispanics will vote for them when Philadelphia’s inundation of violent crime makes everyone fear for their lives? Torres also mentioned that “there is no opportunity in city government for Hispanics, but they want our votes.”

We still have diehards like my Abuela (grandmother), who will not switch parties. She would never consider changing her registration from Democrat. She will kick you out of her house if you try to convince her, but she will vote conservative. Slowly, Hispanics are understanding that the Democratic Party isn’t what we remember it to be; it has “progressed” into something that we do not accept.

Before we say goodbye, we have to discuss being called a taco by Dr. Jill Biden. If for no other reason, we have pride. We are more than tacos. I eat rice and beans more than I eat tacos. Now that is the most racist statement coming from a Democrat. Hispanics are ambitious, hard-working, and loyal, and we vote!

Our organization, HRCP, will continue the mission to engage with Hispanic voters across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to register as Republicans. We will strive to make Pennsylvania a Red state again. Our message is simple, “the Republican Party wants what the voters want: higher quality of life and less government. With your support, we are creating the next generation of Republican voters — and we will impact elections from Congress to the governor’s race.”

We have a great team of individuals with experience running campaigns and a political strategist.

If we continue to write these stories, point out real-life issues, and pick up where the Democrats have failed, we will ride this wave to the shorelines of victory. We have a new relationship to embrace.

Vote Republican on Tuesday, November 8.


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DelVal Dems Have Holiday Season Headache as Inflation Hits 39-Year High

Delaware Valley Democrats, some already facing a tough electoral environment next year, got hit with more bad news Friday: Inflation reached a 39-year high, and voters believe the federal spending in Washington is part of the problem.

Friday morning, the Labor Department reported the consumer-price index jumped to its highest rate in 39 years, rising to 6.8 percent in November. It is the sixth consecutive month inflation was higher than 5 percent. That is a blow to Democrats like U.S. Reps. Chrissy Houlahan and Madeleine Dean, who voted for trillions in new federal spending and likely face serious challenges in the 2022 midterms.

Hours later, a new Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better spending plan found the bill would add $2.8 trillion more to the national debt than originally projected. Despite claims by President Joe Biden and Dean that the CBO found the BBB spending plan is “fully paid for,” the agency has always said the proposal will add between $160 billion and $367 billion to the deficit.

“This holiday season Pennsylvania families are having to empty their wallets for gas, groceries, and gifts—and some of them can’t afford all three. Prices have skyrocketed to a 39-year high and consumer prices in the Northeast are up a costly 6 percent,” said Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Lawrence Tabas. “Next November, Pennsylvania Democrats will be held responsible for Joe Biden’s reckless policies, which are hurting Main Street businesses, eating up workers’ gains, and crippling our economy.”

The cost of a frozen turkey for this past Thanksgiving was up 20 percent from last year, and the entire meal cost the average family 10 percent more.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) said, “Today’s jaw-dropping inflation report should alarm every single American, but especially policymakers. Hardworking American families are suffering as a direct result of the Biden administration’s reckless borrowing and spending and anti-energy policies. If the message wasn’t clear enough before, it’s crystal clear now. Democrats should immediately halt plans to advance their nearly $5 trillion spending spree and the Fed should quickly normalize monetary policy before it falls further behind the curve.”

Guy Ciarrocchi, a Republican running for governor who is on leave from his job as president of the Chester County Chamber of Commerce, said, “Inflation is the cruelest of all taxes. It eats away at a family’s savings each week, each month. The good news is that bad government policies created this; so good policies can fix it. Step one and two: Time for almost everyone to get back to work and let’s get Pennsylvania energy out of the ground.”

Some Democrats are pushing back and claiming costs are actually going down in December and contending their policies are working so the Christmas ham won’t be as pricey as the Thanksgiving gobbler.

“As we head into the holiday season, I recognize that the pressure of increased costs is weighing heavily on many Americans,” said Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Delaware Co.). “My colleagues and I are working hand-in-hand with the Biden administration to get people back to work, address supply chain issues, and lower prices — and there is good news on those fronts.

“Americans, on average, have about $100 more in their pockets each month than they did last year, even after adjusting for inflation, thanks to rising wages and the Child Tax Credit passed as part of the American Rescue Plan,” said Scanlon. “In December, costs have also been falling for gas, used cars, and other goods that are driving inflation; these changes aren’t reflected in the latest Consumer Price Index report. I know the past several months have been tough, but we’re moving in the right direction.”

But consumers and business owners are holding onto their wallets as polls consistently show voters believe federal spending is making inflation worse, not better.

Maryann Brown, a pharmacist living in Warminster, said gas prices are down a bit, but other items are up.

“Grocery prices are high so I shop at Aldi or a grocery outlet,” said Brown. “Electricity is going up so I turn off all unused lights. Stamps are up, so I’m sending out fewer cards this year. I use coupons like at Old Navy or Kohl’s ‘cash’ since the prices are up.”

Wendy Klinghoffer, executive director of the Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, said, “Obviously, it’s a major issue because the cost of goods and services went up for both purchasing as well as personnel.”

“For small businesses in particular, this is problematic,” said Klinghoffer. While business owners are reluctant to pass costs along to consumers “at some point they have to in order to stay in business. They have to recoup their costs.”

Meanwhile, the restaurant sector was particularly hard hit during the pandemic shutdowns and is still struggling with food and wages now increasing due to inflation, she said.

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry President and CEO Gene Barr noted inflation is the highest since 1982.

“Our economy is already overwhelmed with supply-chain issues, a workforce shortage, and an increase in consumer demand, particularly during the holiday season,” Barr said. “A high inflation rate hampers economic recovery and can be particularly painful on small businesses as they are less able to withstand challenges to their financial goals. As products and services get more expensive, there is no doubt that consumption will continue to fall.”

Barr called on Congress to drop the pending tax and reconciliation bill that would add “another $150 billion in transfer payments and tax cuts, plus additional spending will be a recipe for disaster for more inflation over the next year. We must continue to prioritize rebuilding our economy, and this bill is a roadblock to long-term economic recovery.”


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Democrats Throw Meatballs in the 2021 Election

The results of the 2021 elections aren’t looking great for progress in the next cycle. The spreadsheet from this year’s results shows many easy misses and many hard-ball truths. The Democratic Party continues to spread itself too thin while boasting that its big tent can represent both centrists and leftists.

Certainly from the bullpen, the Blue Sox appear to appeal to a large number of spectators. From the national league, you have rookie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in left field striking out with Democratic Socialists by putting Medicare for All back into the batting cage. While they also have seasoned-player Kyrsten Sinema playing short-stop on raising the minimum wage.

Those broad swaths of ideology should give them a hometown advantage, but when a conservative batter charges the mound, there simply is no solidarity, no nine-on-one fight.

This is where the four pillars of the Green Party give our pitchers better guidance. Green Party elected officials from school boards to mayors have fundamental shared beliefs in peace, ecological wisdom, social justice, and democracy,

The penalty for the Blue Sox’s MVP Joe Biden’s trajectory toward right-field was especially shocking to many since his election. Even when the pitch towards progress appears right down the pike, he surprises us with new levels of disappointment. This renowned switch-pitcher cares more for those sitting in their box seats as high-paying patrons, rather than most of us sitting in the nosebleed seats trying to catch a fly-ball–just once.

It appears the Democrats need to work on some basic teamwork, instead of pointing fingers from right to center field. Their in-field in-fighting and failure to pass their own basic platform initiatives — even with the stats stacked in their favor — continue to disenfranchise the entire franchise. They really should have been watching the Republicans who were busy stealing home plate by winning disproportionately in 2021, from local judges in Pennsylvania to the shocking results in Virginia. As Democrats kick sand at each other, fans have grown bored with their antics. Ticketholders are looking for some easy wins, or at the very least shying away from the mixed signals that catcher Jaime Harrison and his DNC are sending.

So, Blue Sox, do you want to “Defund the Umpires,” “Reform the Umpires,” or raise their wages and hire more umpires? The latter appears to be one of the many screwballs angering activists, many of whom played a major role in electing Joe Biden president. In this example, the Green Party sends a very straightforward cutter as the focus must be on hyperlocal, grassroots democracy that carries over into redefining the roles of umpires in our communities: More justice, less crime,

In Pennsylvania, the Blue Sox aren’t even playing ball. While their opponents are filling up the bases, Democrats are busy at the concession stand, selling merchandise for whatever clever social buzzwords and hashtags they can put on a team jersey. Which is not to say supporting social causes via merchandise is bad; but when that money is being funneled and held by the team owners, it’s a problem. By the way, the Green Party also has merchandise, but the money you spend on our cool items goes right back into building a league of our own. Check it out here,

The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) is an independent political party that stands in opposition to the two corporate parties. GPPA candidates promote public policy based on the Green Party’s Four Pillars: grassroots democracy, nonviolence, ecological wisdom, and social justice/equal opportunity.

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