The Marcus Hook Industrial Complex (MHIC) has provided a positive economic lifeline to Southeast Pennsylvania for over 100 years.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the facility was shuttered, but thanks to investments by Sunoco, the facility has been revitalized and is thriving today. To continue to produce positive benefits, the facility’s operator has applied for two necessary permits that further expand its operations.

Steamfitters Local 420 supports these air permits because we know they are crucial to the continued success of the energy sector in Pennsylvania and serve as a major lifeline for many workers here in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The employment opportunities and overall role the MHIC plays in the Commonwealth’s well-being is significant and the approval of these permits is absolutely necessary.

This project will increase the efficiency of the MHIC. The first air permit aggregates emissions from two previously approved construction plans on the site. The second permit will be for Sunoco’s Project Phoenix.

The installment will help the plant chill, store and move ethane on the site from energy production in Western Pennsylvania. MHIC is an important part of PA’s intricate energy industry and in order for the state to continue benefitting from its natural resources, these permits are crucial.

Since it first came online decades ago Marcus Hook has partnered with local unions to employ highly trained and skilled craftsman to expand the complex’s capacity. Last summer, MHIC’s operator signed a project labor agreement with the Philadelphia Building Trades for this project. They did this because they are committed to local workers and because they know we provide the best trained, most skilled craftsman to complete a project like this.

With this in mind, Steamfitters Local 420 is committed to help build this project, ensuring that it operates efficiently and safely for years to come.

We are responsible for the safe and proper installation and maintenance of all things pipe. Our members have shown themselves to be the best-trained people for the job at the site and other infrastructure projects across the commonwealth.

The increasing need for the products provided by this project locally (propane, ethane and butane) makes it critical that this project is built utilizing the most state of the art technology, which it has.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Marcus Hook has reduced emissions by 50 percent over the past decade. Pennsylvania relies on natural gas for over 50 percent of its home energy needs and this project increases reliability and affordability for local residents.

Mariner East, which runs through Chester County, was recently granted waivers to continue essential construction at some locations despite stay at home orders due to COVID-19. These waivers were granted due to safety reasons, but this also allows teams to get construction completed with minimal impact to local while work commutes and other travel is limited.

The ability to continue construction during this time is definitely a privilege, but Sunoco is also assisting local first responders to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company recently donated pairs of X2 MR Glasses with military grade technology for local first responders. These glasses allow paramedics to instantaneously access a patient’s medical history and identify a person’s temperature without ever needing to touch them.

These are uncertain times for everyone. Economic uncertainty does not call for reducing or blocking benefits for energy consumers or employment opportunities.

Approving the air permits at MHIC in a timely fashion will provide greater certainty for these Pennsylvanian’s looking to earn a living.