A candidate for governor has been linked to a motorcycle accident that took a rider’s life on the Pennsylvania Turnpike last Wednesday evening.

The Pennsylvania State Police told the Delaware Valley Journal the accident, which happened about 9:50 p.m. in Tredyffrin Township, remains under investigation. Police are asking witnesses to come forward. They are also seeking video of the incident.

In a report released to the press, police identified the vehicles involved as a Honda motorcycle and a Mercedes Benz. However, the coroner’s report indicates a truck may have struck the Honda first.  Published reports indicated that Charles Gerow, 66, a Republican candidate for governor, was driving the Mercedes and Logan Carl Abbott, 30, of Bradford County rode the motorcycle.

A statement from Joseph Green Jr., a lawyer for Gerow, said another vehicle struck the motorcycle before Gerow’s car arrived, and that the motorcycle was in the roadway.

“The preliminary information suggests that a motorcyclist was involved in a collision with another vehicle before Mr. Gerow came upon the scene and before his vehicle had contact with the motorcycle, which was lying in the travel lane of the Turnpike,” Green said. “Chester County Coroner Christiana VandePol, M.D., has reported that the motorcyclist was fatally injured on the Turnpike when he collided with a truck. There is no evidence that Mr. Gerow struck the motorcyclist or that Mr. Gerow struck an operating motorcycle.”

“When interviewed by the State Police as a witness to the accident, he voluntarily gave a blood sample which will unequivocally prove he was not driving impaired,” Green added.

“Mr. Gerow was heartbroken to learn that the driver of a motorcycle was fatally injured and is praying for him and his family,” Green said.

Gerow is a lawyer, pundit, and political advisor who grew up in Warminster and now lives in the Harrisburg area. He is one of several Republicans seeking the nod from primary voters.

During a recent podcast interview with DVJournal, Gerow touted his experience as a successful small businessman. He is the CEO of Quantum Communications, a strategic communications firm based in Harrisburg and he has been a conservative voice on television and radio, as well as writing a column for the Harrisburg Patriot News (PennLive).

Anyone with information about the crash, which closed the westbound side of the Turnpike until 4: 45 a.m. on July 22, is asked to contact police at (610) 279-1605.