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Former Towamencin Supervisor Marino Will Not Appeal Decision in Ballot Case

Despite receiving the most eligible votes in last November's election, Richard Marino III will not be serving as a Towamencin…

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Court Ruling on Undated Ballots Could Overturn Towamencin Township Election

In what’s being called a landmark case for election integrity, the federal Third Circuit Court on Wednesday upheld a ruling…

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Residents Seek to Limit Flags on Towamencin Township Property

At their Wednesday meeting, the Towamencin Township supervisors did not discuss or have a proposal to fly an LGBTQ flag…

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Towamencin Board of Supervisors Deadlocked on Sale of Sewer System

The Towamencin Board of Supervisors remained deeply divided and deadlocked over the potential sale of the sewer system. It was…

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Osei Wins Tiebreaker in Towamencin Supervisor Race, Holds Off on Declaring Victory

Kofi Osei picked the winning tile after a tie with incumbent Rich Marino for Towamencin supervisor in the Nov. 7,…

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Towamencin to Continue Sewer Sale in Spite of ‘Home Rule’ Charter

The Towamencin Board of Supervisors will continue with its planned sale of the municipal sewer system even after residents voted…

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Towamencin Residents Claim Victory in Vote Against Sewer Sale

Residents of a Montgomery County town are claiming victory in a vote to revise their township status and institute “home…

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Kofi Osei Leads a Successful Home Rule Charter Effort in Towamencin

Kofi Osei, one of a slate of candidates from Towamencin NOPE (Neighbors Opposing Privatization Efforts), led the successful effort for…

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BECKER: Home Rule for Towamencin? Not So Fast….

There is a group of people who are against the sale of the Towamencin sewer system. They are promoting a…

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FERGUSON: Towamencin Officials Presented Fishy Numbers to Public to Push Sewer Sale

The Towamencin Board of Supervisors has voted 4-1 to sell its sewer system to NextEra Energy for over $115 million.…

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Shapiro Tied to Unofficial Voter Registration Website Secretly Harvesting User Data, Mailers Show

(This article first appeared in Broad + Liberty.) Gov. Josh Shapiro allowed his signature to…

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Sparks Fly at Collingdale Council Meeting Over Tax Audit Plan

Tempers flared between Collingdale Borough Council members this week over a plan to hire a…

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