There is a group of people who are against the sale of the Towamencin sewer system.

They are promoting a complete change in our form of government, hoping they will be able to change how this decision was made.

While I understand that not everyone agrees with all decisions made by local government, residents should be aware of some of the negatives of Home Rule.

Second Class Townships, such as Towamencin, have limits on taxing set by Pennsylvania code. However, it is my understanding that home-rule municipalities are only subject to a few limitations on the rates of taxation imposed upon residents including earned income taxes. In Pennsylvania, the highest personal earned income tax rate municipalities have home rule charters. Home Rule also allows greater influence by private interest groups seeking to influence public policy.

Residents should also be aware of the law and the guidance put out by the Department of Community and Economic Development in 2020. If the referendum passes it would create a Government Study Commission. There would then have to be public hearings as well as multiple Commission meetings, the drafting of a new charter, and a complete report, followed by a two-month period of public review. This would be remarkably like a constitutional convention.

Completely changing our form of government is not the answer. If residents do not like the decisions made, they can vote for change by electing new supervisors.

Those of us who are running under “Towamencin Residents United Serving Towamencin” (TRUST) are committed to keeping Towamencin Township a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family, especially now during these uncertain times.

Douglas Kile, Connie Brown, Jeffrey K Baer, Richard Todd Fisher, Amy Tarlo, Michael E. Main, and Nancy J. Becker are running for the Government Study Commission under the Township Residents United Serving Towamencin (“TRUST”), to ensure all voices are heard and all issues addressed. We are not motivated by one political issue and will take an honest look at the charter to ensure that any changes made are best for the long-term well-being of Towamencin and all its residents.

When you vote on November 8, remember why you moved to Towamencin or continue to stay here. We have amazing open spaces, parks, farms, and wonderful housing communities.

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