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Ron Vogel Continues Run For Congress After Pausing Campaign Over Smear

Ron Ron Vogel is back. The Republican candidate for Congress who hopes to take on incumbent Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Chester/Berks)…

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PODCAST: Pollster Sees Potential Break-Out Candidates in GOP Senate Primary

On this edition of the Delaware Valley Journal, Emerson College Director of Polling Spencer Kimball talks about his latest polls…

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Most in Delaware Valley Give Mask Mandates a Thumbs Down

Plane loads of people rejoiced when they learned a Trump-appointed federal judge struck down the mask mandate on planes, trains,…

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GIORDANO: Block Safe Injection Sites

Due to the high murder rate and increasing lawlessness, fewer and fewer people venture into…

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Republicans Tap Army Vet Katie Ford for House Special Election

Katie Ford, a U.S. Army veteran and special instructor for early intervention working with children…

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