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The David Katz Gallery will hold an art event to benefit the Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children. The Friends Association is a 200 year-old Chester County nonprofit focused on solutions to family homelessness. They provide emergency shelter and prevention services for families facing homelessness or housing instability in Chester County.

To support the Friends Association, the David Katz Gallery will be presenting a new series of painting by local painter David Katz. The series, called “Wired’ offers a unique series of views of the skies in Southern Pennsylvania. Katz is known as the “Sky Painter” for his popular series of the skies of Chester and surrounding counties. The Wired series focuses on the many forms of overhead wires to be seen throughout our countryside and towns.

“I was struck with how these wires form beautiful lines of intersection, against a background of clouds,” Katz said. “The combination of technology and nature creates beautiful images that I felt could be captured in paintings.”

Trio of Wired Paintings, “Taking Wing”, Matlack St” and “I Still Believe”

The Wired Painting Event will take place on Friday March 3rd, from 5-8 pm. The event is free to attend as part of the West Chester Friday Gallery Walks. The Katz Gallery is located at 128 East Gay Street in West Chester.

“The Gallery will be donating a portion of every painting sale to benefit the Friends Association,” explained Katz. “The Friends Association does such terrific work, so I wanted to support their efforts with a special art event. I am happy to say that the gallery will be donating a full 25 percent of all proceeds from this event.”

The Wired painting series features large canvas works from around Chester County, each with a unique view of local skies with a wide range of perspective and color. The entire series will be assembled for the first time in the David Katz Gallery for this special event.


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