From a press release

The Westtown Historical Commission is pleased to announce a dedication ceremony service will be held to unveil the new monument that honors Westtown’s Revolutionary War Militia soldiers buried in the township.

Historical Commission founder, David Walter, explained, “The Taylor family were prominent farmers in early Westtown. When the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed, they, too, chose independence. Col. Thomas Taylor took command of the Chester County Militia Battalion that included patriots from Westtown.”

The Taylor family were members of the Society of Friends but were largely disowned by the Quakers because family members served in the military during the War of Independence.

“They had to create their own cemetery on their own property,” explained Walter. Over time, the property passed to other owners. Eventually, the graveyard was lost in the 1970s to the Pleasant Grove residential development.

To honor the five soldiers known to be buried there, the Westtown Historical Commission worked with Taylor’s descendants, township officials, patriotic organizations, and area residents to create a lasting monument to our local heroes.

Walter was able to raise the necessary funds from organizations (including veterans and historical groups) and individuals to purchase the custom stones required. The monument would not have been possible without the generous efforts of the volunteers from the Woodshop Club at Maris Grove, who donated their time to create the cypress wood cladding that decorates and protects the stones, and O’Rourke and Sons, Inc., which donated the labor and materials for the monument’s steel frame. While the monument is not on the Taylor Farm and the Burial Ground site, it is nearby on public land where the township approved the installation.

The event will occur from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. at 1147 S. Concord Road, West Chester, Pa. (just north of Route 926 on Concord Road). The public is invited to attend. Parking is limited on a grass field, so please arrive early.

Walter, Rep. Craig Williams, township Supervisor Tom Foster, and other speakers tell of the cemetery’s history and the contributions of militia patriots.

“Major General, the Marquis de Lafayette,” will also appear, and the Nur Colonials Fife and Drum Corps of Nur Shrine will entertain. Readers can contact David Walter at the Westtown Historical Commission.

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