The organization Audit the Vote is holding a ticketed Election Integrity Event in Chesterbrook on Wednesday featuring state Sen. Doug Mastriano as one of four speakers.

Mastriano (R-Adams/Cumberland/Franklin/York) is known for supporting an audit of the 2020 election. However, Mastriano has been feuding with his fellow Republican Senators over his aggressive approach. That fight led to his ouster from a committee, loss of his Harrisburg staff and the control of a 2020 election audit was given to Sen.  Chris Dush (R-Jefferson) instead.

In reaction to the upcoming Chesterbrook event, the Chester County Democrats issued a statement:

“How many times does President Joe Biden need to be declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election for this dangerous rhetoric to stop?” said Chair Charlotte Valyo. “We are less than a month away from the next election where real issues that truly impact the everyday lives of Pennsylvanians are on the ballot, yet Republicans continue to waste taxpayer money spreading lies and conspiracy theories.”

“This cult-like devotion to former President Trump and his ‘Big Lie’ has already led to one insurrection and continues to chip away at the very foundation of our democracy,” she said. “Recount after recount has confirmed the election and confirmed that our elections are secure. They were secure in 2020 when President Biden soundly defeated former President Trump and they are secure today. Despite Republicans spending millions of dollars searching for some semblance of fraud, the only confirmed cases of illegality in Pennsylvania were among voters supporting Donald Trump.”

“It is time for Senator Mastriano to give up on this baseless, wasteful, undemocratic inquisition,” she said. “I call on him to cancel this shameful event and go back to doing the job he was elected by his constituents to do, not the bidding of Donald Trump and his co-conspirators from the January 6th insurrection.”

Mastriano responded, “The beauty of being an American is that our right to free speech is clearly enshrined in Article 1 of the Constitution. And yes, that speech includes the kind that the Chester County Democrats do not agree with.

“I was invited by an organizer to attend this event to discuss election integrity and I will keep my word to attend. Part of my job as Senator is to be a voice for voiceless Pennsylvanians. Millions in our commonwealth still have valid concerns over the security of future elections. It is unfortunate that the Chesco Dems don’t believe that is a conversation worth having.

“I recommend that the Chester County Democrats spend less time on writing press releases about a state senator and more time working with their party’s local elected officials to safeguard future elections, lower taxes on the working class, and help small businesses recover post COVID-19 shutdowns,” he added.