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GRADY: Moms for Liberty’s Candidates Fight for Parents’ Rights

It has been quite a tumultuous three years, hasn’t it?

Overnight, our sons’ and daughters’ classrooms were brought into our homes, and parents noticed that a clearly discernible political ideology has been covertly ushered into America’s public school system. It was a shocking realization to most parents that local public schools have shifted focus away from the traditional model of fundamental education and have embraced developmentally inappropriate political ideologies that masquerade as “education” initiatives.

Subsequently, America’s education system was placed in the spotlight as many had come to the same conclusion: The left is purposefully diverting from the fundamentals of education in order to advance an educationally and psychologically detrimental political agenda onto America’s school children.

The mission of educational leadership is clear, the total transformation of our schools and ultimately our nation. Starting with the Department of Education and trickling down to local communities through the NEA, the AFT, and the PSEA. Their methods to achieve this transformation are simple yet effective: Steal independent thought, stifle free speech, and “educate” our children with divisive ideologies while muzzling those who disagree.

These organizations seed school board candidates with funds and manpower. They advocate for “educational” initiatives that undermine our children’s education, and mental health, and they are powerful. However, moms are unafraid powerhouses and educational leadership knows it; that’s why they shut us down, label us, dox us, and fight so hard to destroy those of us who call out their agenda.

Our courage to stand on our morals and speak up was contagious; overnight we had thousands of powerhouses supporting each other across the country. We came together on fundamental issues to protect our children, even if it’s “politically incorrect” or offends the mainstream narrative to do so. Moms for Liberty (M4L), formed out of necessity, is now educational leadership’s worst nightmare. M4L values the importance and fundamentals of the constitutional republic within which we live. M4L members believe that children should be educated in fundamental core subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science without being inundated with political rhetoric, age-inappropriate content, or political ideologies.

The groups against M4L are run by political operatives in the community, funded and organized by national progressive organizations. These groups are directly responsible for fomenting hate, and they need to be exposed for what they are: Partisan extremists.

They publicly spew intentionally negative and divisive messages about our members to their followers, often while hiding behind fake profiles. Our opponents decry our efforts as “nationalism” and “authoritarian.” M4L members stand against school initiatives that teach children to accept destructive content and contort their thinking towards false realities that, data suggests, are significantly contributing to the mental health decline of our children in public schools.

Our opposition attempts to paint M4L as “book banners” because we oppose the developmentally inappropriate sexualization of children, and we stand against inappropriate content being made available in public schools. They know how powerful moms truly are, especially here in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Teachers Union Conference recently featured a session on “Fighting Parental Rights Advocacy,” YES. FIGHTING. PARENTAL. RIGHTS. ADVOCACY.

Meanwhile, the PSEA held a “Combatting Moms for Liberty Attacks on our Teachers and our Schools” training. Clearly, an agenda has been set by Pennsylvania educational leadership: Wipe out Moms for Liberty. Pretty pathetic. The agenda pushers know that M4L is growing as a movement because their deception and destructive agenda are clear to the masses.

Subsequently, the volume of their hateful rhetoric against M4L has grown. Contrary to the deliberate misrepresentations, all 115 chapters of M4L are fighting to SAVE public education. As a result of their political agendas and abysmal policies, only 3 in 10 Pennsylvania eighth graders are proficient in math, an 11-percentage point decline from 2019, according to NAEP data.

Pennsylvania’s current school leadership is utterly failing our kids. School directors have a duty to obey and defend the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions while upholding the American way of life in the operation of our public schools. M4L Chester County School Board candidates will uphold such mandatory duties while creating academic excellence, ensuring the curriculum focuses on developing critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders, and improving math, reading, and writing proficiencies.

M4L Chester County candidates will stand for all students and community members and support the principles upon which this nation was founded, freedom and liberty. Our candidates will ensure transparency within the school districts. Our candidates will ensure that participation in programs, policies, or plans that will infringe one’s deeply held beliefs, or entangle any ideologies into the educational process, will not be blanketed upon students, staff, and administration.


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