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New GOP Ad Slams Bidenomics’ Impact on PA

A new commercial hit Pennsylvania televisions Monday, reminding voters that Bidenomics is a bad deal for them.

The ad, from the Republican State Leadership Committee PAC, is the second of the group’s “Republican Roadmap” series. Titled “Back on Track” the ad highlights how Republicans have fought inflation and the Biden administration’s policies in state legislatures nationwide. In addition to Pennsylvania, the six-figure ad campaign targets voters in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

The video starkly contrasts out-of-touch policies emanating from Washington, D.C. and state Democrats with the Republican approach, which the PAC says prioritizes tax cuts and economic relief for the middle class.



In Pennsylvania, Republicans are trusted more than Democrats to handle the top issues among voters. The two top issues that voters want to see addressed by their state legislature are inflation-rising prices and immigration-border security, issues that Republicans are focused on and trusted on the most, the RSLC PAC said in a press release. And 32 percent of likely voters said inflation or rising prices was the issue they most wanted addressed by their state legislature.

The RSLC PAC launched the second ad of the campaign in four of the committee’s target states, reminding voters of the harmful impact the economic policies in Washington, D.C., have had on the American people and how state Republicans are rising to the occasion to deliver relief to their constituents during times of economic turmoil. The video contrasts the out-of-touch policies spearheaded by national and state Democrats with the Republican agenda of cutting taxes and cutting red tape to make states more competitive for business investment and jobs for the American people.

“Americans across the country are feeling the pain of failed economic policies coming out of Washington, D.C., which has left the middle-class unable to afford necessities like gas, groceries, and rent,” said RSLC PAC President Dee Duncan. “While Democrats remain committed to reckless spending and tax increases on middle-class Americans, state Republicans are fighting back to combat this harmful agenda by supporting tax cuts, increasing opportunities, and expanding measures to slash red tape and make Republican-led states even more competitive. Our Republican Roadmap will help state Republicans hold and reclaim majorities across the country, and we will continue to invest the proper resources needed to achieve this goal.”

Charlie Gerow, a long-time Republican consultant, said, “Messages reinforcing people’s dim view of ‘Bidenomics’ are very important. They are leading Democrat-leaning voters who are disillusioned with Biden to vote for Trump. There’s no need (and legal reasons) to mention him by name. People know who’s running, and they know the difference. Trump’s policies worked for them. Biden’s failed. And might I add that they also have positive impact down ballot by subliminally giving support to candidates who will work with Trump to help reverse the Biden disasters. It’s a ‘twofer’”

A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Democratic Committee did not respond to a request to comment Monday.

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