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PODCAST: Attorney Wally Zimolong Says Public Schools Are Pushing Radicalism and Silencing Parents

On this edition of the Delaware Valley Journal podcast, veteran attorney Wally Zimolong talks to News Editor Linda Stein about his cases on behalf of parents who want to know what schools are teaching their children. Zimolong has brought multiple legal actions on behalf of parents who’ve encountered public school administrators keeping curriculum and classroom instruction secret.

PLUS: Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla), the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, talks about how the 2022 battle to control the U.S. Senate is shaping up. He pushes back on claims the GOP has weak candidates in the field who are putting winnable seats at risk.

Hosted by Michael Graham.


PODCAST: PA GOP’s Charlie Gerow Says It’s Time for a ‘Happy Warrior’

In this episode of the Delaware ValleyJournal podcast, veteran political strategist turned GOP candidate for governor Charlie Gerow says it’s time for Republicans to abandon “doom and gloom” messaging and replace it with “the happy warrior.”

Gerow tells DVJournal News Editor Linda Stein he began his career as a campaign aide to Ronald Reagan, for whom he continued to work for more than 25 years. Gerow discusses Donald Trump’s place in the current Republican Party, the kitchen-table issues he believes will motivate voters, and why “the biggest lie about the 2020 election is that there were no problems, because there were.”

Hosted by Michael Graham.


PODCAST: Republican Dave White Says PA Needs ‘Blue Collar Outsider’ for Governor

On this edition of the Delaware Valley Journal podcast Dave White, a Delaware County businessman and former county council member, talks about why he’s running in the GOP primary for governor. White, a third-generation pipe-fitter, tells DVJ’s News Editor Linda Stein his career path — learning a trade, not attending college — is one Pennsylvania should support.

White also calls out Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner, and he pledges to support the state’s energy sector and the jobs it creates.

Hosted by Michael Graham.