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NASCIMENTO: Dave McCormick’s Book Is an Outline for PA and US

With State Sen. Doug Mastriano taking a pass on the 2024 Senate race against Bob Casey and a book tour that has taken him across the commonwealth, the likelihood of David McCormick as the Republican U.S. Senate nominee looks more and more certain. His book, “Superpower in Peril,” shows why that is a very good thing, not only for the GOP but for a United States facing grave challenges at home and especially abroad.

In it, McCormick lays out not just that path forward for his (likely) future Senate campaign but for the Republican Party and for the country in general.

Weaving together lessons from his military service, his successful business career, and his 2022 Senate run, and using (among others) twin examples of the Reagan recovery of the 1980s and, closer to home here in Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh renaissance of the 1990s, McCormick makes a compelling case for a muscular, common-sense conservativism as the solution to the national malaise that we find ourselves in.

True to its subtitle, McCormick’s book offers a “battle plan” designed to gain economic, technological, and innovation superiority over China and, by doing so, lift the U.S. and its citizens into an era of prosperity. With a foundation of recognizing American exceptionalism, McCormick lays out the economic and cultural steps needed to regain a position of strength at home and abroad, calling out critical areas that need addressing lest we lose them to China once and for all.

Just as critically for Pennsylvania Republicans, McCormick’s book lays out a thesis on a successful future direction of the GOP and a framework for the type of issues-based campaigns that will likely resonate with voters of all political stripes throughout, but especially in more populous corners of the commonwealth like the Delaware Valley.

And this is not a dry policy book. McCormick is not afraid to address the current philosophical and spiritual issues we face (called the “culture wars” by some), and the recommendations McCormick makes address the issues facing what he calls America’s “national software – the spirit within every American.”

By rejecting some of the traditional dogma of the party while doubling down on areas that have proven successful, McCormick melds some of the populism of the Trump era with the classic conservatism of the GOP into something that meets the moment – reflecting not just a response to the evolving challenges that we are facing as a county, but a hopeful strategy in line with the mindset of voters in places like Montgomery County, where they are searching for solutions, not just rhetoric.

These are the very places where McCormick, and in truth, all Republicans running statewide or nationally, will need to do well in. “Superpower in Peril” lays out the battle plan to win in those areas and, by doing so, reverse the decline that our great nation is wrestling with.


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Ahead of Possible Senate Bid, McCormick Blames SVB Crisis on Biden Fiscal Policy

Former Bridgewater CEO and possible 2024 U.S. Senate hopeful Dave McCormick slammed what he said was a “decade” of bad monetary and fiscal policy from government leaders that led to recent bank meltdowns.

McCormick made the claim during a DVJournal podcast interview regarding the historic collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the federal government’s scrambling efforts to contain the fallout.

Acknowledging that “anybody that’s predicting too much” about the crisis “probably is too confident” about the “dynamic situation,” McCormick—who is widely viewed as a likely Senate challenger to incumbent Democrat Sen. Bob Casey next year—argued there are “a set of root causes” that led to SVB’s collapse.

“We’ve had a decade or more of misguided fiscal policy and misguided monetary policy,” McCormick said. “We’ve had fiscal policy that has been enormous spending, and that spending has accelerated dramatically under Joe Biden.

“Discretionary spending has gone up by about 40 percent,” he continued. “You’ve had the three big pieces of legislation, which have added something like $18 trillion of new spending over the next 10 years, and that’s a huge driver of inflation.”

McCormick further argued that “very low interest rates” have driven financiers to adjust their spending and investment practices accordingly, driving them to “lock in long-duration treasuries and things like that in search of yield.

“And when the Fed raised rates to essentially offset the inflation that they helped create, that created a crisis at SVB because those treasuries that they held in their balance sheet went down in value,” he said. “They had to sell capital to try to close the hole, and that spooked their depositors and their depositors started to take out money.”

McCormick called the present chaos “the tip of the iceberg in terms of the problem,” one that “[won’t] go away until we get our fiscal house in order and back to our normal monetary policy.”

McCormick, who is promoting his new book “Superpower In Peril,” is increasingly being viewed as a favorite for the 2024 Senate race, with many analysts and strategists balking at the prospect of another bid by state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who lost his gubernatorial bid against Gov. Josh Shapiro last year.

However, a Public Policy Polling survey this week showed Mastriano with a sizeable lead ahead of McCormick in a potential 2024 GOP primary matchup.

PODCAST: Dr. Oz Abuzz Over Trump Endorsement. Pot? Not So Much.

On the latest edition of the Delaware Valley Journal podcast, U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Oz joins News Editor Linda Stein to talk about getting the backing of former President Donald Trump and what it means to his campaign. He also pushes back on attack ads from GOP primary opponent Dave McCormick and makes his case for the right way to handle gender fluidity/transgender issues with children.

And, Dr. Oz says, while he’s a supporter of medical marijuana, he’s never tried pot himself.


Hosted by Michael Graham.


PODCAST: PA GOP’s Charlie Gerow Says It’s Time for a ‘Happy Warrior’

In this episode of the Delaware ValleyJournal podcast, veteran political strategist turned GOP candidate for governor Charlie Gerow says it’s time for Republicans to abandon “doom and gloom” messaging and replace it with “the happy warrior.”

Gerow tells DVJournal News Editor Linda Stein he began his career as a campaign aide to Ronald Reagan, for whom he continued to work for more than 25 years. Gerow discusses Donald Trump’s place in the current Republican Party, the kitchen-table issues he believes will motivate voters, and why “the biggest lie about the 2020 election is that there were no problems, because there were.”

Hosted by Michael Graham.