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Doylestown Rally Kick Off for Black Conservative Federation of Bucks County

Milo Morris kicked off the Black Conservative Federation of Bucks County Friday with a Doylestown rally honoring Flag Day and former President Donald Trump’s 78th birthday.

The next day, Trump spoke to a large crowd at a Black church in Detroit, kicking off his “Black Americans for Trump” organization. Two prominent Black Republicans and Trump supporters, U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) and former Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, were on hand.

In Bucks County, about 40 Republicans showed up for the pro-Trump event, waving U.S. and Trump flags and wearing Trump-themed clothing. Along the busy corner of North Main and East Court streets, drivers honked their support. Rock music blared, and some rallygoers danced as they waved Trump signs.

“Many of you know, we’ve got a new organization in Bucks County for this election cycle called the Black Conservative Federation,” said Morris, to applause and cheers. “I am the Bucks County chair.”

He said the organization began in 2016 and has branches in 26 states.

“We are putting an extra special focus on five swing states, including Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania,” said Morris, a Riegelsville resident. “We’re looking at here is a unique opportunity in the history of the modern Republican Party since I was born. We’ve got about 30 percent of Black voters that are leaning toward Trump. And we’ve got another 45 percent of Hispanic voters that are leaning toward Trump.  And my objective between now and Nov. 5 is to try to capture that 30 percent and 45 percent.”

The Trump campaign has reached out to both groups.

“Regardless of how they’re registered, the policies of the Biden administration are affecting everybody,” added Morris. “And the further you go down the socio-economic ladder, the worse it hurts. So the Blacks and Latinos are being hurt disproportionately, simply by being at the bottom of the ladder.”

The crowd sang happy birthday to Trump and Morris cut pieces of a large cake.

Jen Pabernik, a Bucks GOP committee person and executive for District 9 in Upper Bucks, said she came to the rally because “I love my country first and foremost. And I’m a huge supporter of Donald Trump. And It’s his birthday today.”

Rick Pendergast came from Glenolden in Delaware County, bringing his dog, Petey, who wore his own Trump shirt.

“I’ve been at all the rallies since 2016,” said Pendergast. Trump is “near and dear to my heart.”

Pam Masciotro, vice chair of the Warrington GOP, said she thinks “our country is a mess. It was not a mess four years ago (when Trump was president).” She said the main problems are inflation, the economy, and foreign wars.

Also, “the judicial system is a joke. And it’s been weaponized, not just against Trump but us.”

She attended the rally to “let people know they’re not alone.”

Joe Curcio, also of Warrington, said he is “very concerned about the future.”

He has three children, ages 16, 14, and 7, and cares for his elderly parents.

“I’m having a harder time than during the (COVID) shutdown,” he said. Inflation is cutting into his family’s food budget, and he mentioned the price of eggs and bacon, noting his teenagers have healthy appetites.

“I’m here because I think the country is going down the toilet,” said Curcio.

Steve Mekanik, a businessman challenging incumbent state Rep. Tim Brennan (D-Doylestown) also attended.

“My primary [policy concern] is obviously seniors. I want to protect seniors’ rights. I want to lower the cost of healthcare for all seniors in the state of Pennsylvania. And I was to freeze property taxes at age 70 and above. Not eliminate, just freeze.

“For school safety, I want to keep safety resources officers in there. I think every school should have one. Times are very difficult these days. There are a lot of crazy people out there, and we’ve got to protect our children.”

Morris has been a Trump supporter from the start and was a former employee.

“In 1988, I worked in the show in [the former] Trump’s Castle [casino] in Atlantic City,” said Morris, who was a dancer and is also a singer. “And that year for his birthday we did a special show for his birthday. Don King was there, La Toya Jackson–a bunch of people. I was telling people about that over Memorial Day weekend, and I thought his birthday is coming up. We should do a rally.”

Trump is scheduled to come to the Temple University campus on Saturday, June 22. President Joe Biden has visited Pennsylvania eight times so far this campaign cycle, most recently reaching out to Black voters in Philadelphia in May.

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