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Bucks County DA Matt Weintraub Runs for Judge

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub is embarking on a new campaign—for Common Pleas Judge.

The Republican DA was re-elected to his second term in 2021.

“It’s my intention to make my First Assistant Jen Schorn succeed me as Bucks County DA. By running for judge in the middle of my term, she gets to be DA for two full years before she then would stand for election herself. It’s like a live audition for the job. I had this advantage to prove myself as DA,” Weintraub said in a statement.

“This way, the county gets a fantastic District Attorney while I continue to serve the public as a judge. It’s a win-win,” Weintraub added. “I predict that with her leadership and dedication to our mission, Jen will far exceed me as Bucks County District Attorney, and it’s not fair for me to stand in her way any longer. She’s ready, and so am I.”

Weintraub has the support of Bucks County Republican Chair Pat Poprik. “We’re very happy he’s expanding on his legal work. His legal work in Bucks County has been very exemplary and people would like to see him move up and become a judge.”

Weintraub began his career as an intern in the DA’s office while in law school. After he graduated from Temple Law in 1993, he was hired as an assistant district attorney.

Weintraub grew up in Southampton, one of four children. He played basketball for the William Tennent Panthers.

He was born with hearing loss in both ears and wore hearing aids as a child.  According to his biography,  because of that disability, he learned to stick up for himself.

He was greatly affected by the death of four of his high school classmates in a drunk driving accident which led him to become interested in law and justice and, ultimately, embarked on a career as a prosecutor.

Before going to Temple Law, Weintraub attended Ursinus College. He resides in Doylestown Township with his wife Kathleen, daughters Shayna and Chloë, and Buddy the dog.

As Bucks County DA, Weintraub leads a department of about 100 employees. He garnered widespread attention for a murder case where four young men were killed on a farm in Solebury Township.

During his tenure as DA, he’s started many popular programs, including a gun safety program so that parents know the importance of storing guns safely and the availability of gun locks, supplying Narcan to police departments to revive those who overdose, and supporting a countywide criminal DNA database.

His motto is: “We’re here to serve justice.”

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Curt Norcini Announces Candidacy for Court of Common Pleas

From a press release

Curt Norcini announced that he is running for judge on the Court of Common Pleas bench in Chester County.

A graduate of West Chester University and the Widener University School of Law and currently a partner with the Omnis Law Group, LLC in West Chester, Norcini has served the citizens of Chester County for 25 years.

Norcini has served the public as an Assistant Public Defender in Delaware County and as solicitor with the Chester County Register of Wills. He also serves as Conflict Criminal Counsel to the Court of Common Pleas in Chester County, contributing in various capacities over the last 22 years. In his nearly 30-year career, he has touched upon most areas of the law, although his current emphasis has been on criminal defense.

Norcini, who is running in the Republican primary, has appeared hundreds of times before countless judges and across multiple jurisdictions. Norcini has a long and varied history of public service in Chester County. He’s served on the boards of the Chester County Bar Association, the County Bar Foundation, and its various subcommittees. He’s been an active member of the West Chester University Alumni Association, acting in 2008 as its president.

“I am proud to officially announce my candidacy for The Court of Common Pleas, and I am excited to begin this journey. I am passionate about public service, and I believe I can bring a unique perspective and integrity to the bench,” Norcini said

Norcini is also a self-defense instructor and has organized and instructed women’s self-defense training at numerous free Women’s Defense Clinics around the area. In addition, he has had the honor and privilege of training with local law enforcement and the military.

Norcini was born and raised in Delaware County by his parents – Janet and Charlie – along with his two younger brothers, David and Danny. The family moved to Chester County nearly 40 years ago. Curt and his wife, Cindy, live in West Goshen with their three dogs – Benson, Rosie, and Winston.

Mr. Norcini intends to bring his knowledge and life experience to the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. He will continue in the grand tradition of excellence that the Chester County judiciary enjoys if elected.