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MILLER: Journos Covering for Fetterman’s Health Condition

According to a recent NBC News report, Pennsylvania residents feel abandoned after the East Palestine train derailment and the subsequent controlled explosion. A group of Keystone State lawmakers responded with a letter urging Northfolk Southern Rail to assist residents in any way they could. Signatories included Senator Bob Casey, Rep. Chris Deluzio, and Senator John Fetterman.

Casey and Fetterman are also part of a bipartisan group of senators introducing a bill titled the Railway Safety Act of 2023.

One would assume that Fetterman cannot introduce or sign onto legislation while incapacitated and under medical observation, but we are forced to assume a lot of things about Fetterman because journalists aren’t asking questions about his condition. Is he able to perform tasks while under medical inpatient care? Is he signing letters and introducing bills while under medical supervision?

That’s not what he and his campaign promised before the election.

The problem? John Fetterman, per his staff, is still under medical observation at Walter Reed for severe depression and side effects concerning his stroke. His office has previously admitted he may not be able to fully recover from this condition, despite their earlier proclamations during the campaign.

So either John Fetterman is using Walter Reed as his personal open-door office for staff to come and go as they please while doctors treating the causes for his admission in the first place simply turn and look away, or his office is effectively operating without the sitting Senator.

What is going on? We don’t know because we have yet to hear from a single doctor. And journalists aren’t asking any questions. They are deleting tweets about praising his wife, who took the family for a ziplining vacation in Canada last month instead of visiting her ill husband.

When I asked Adam Jentlesen, a former Harry Reid staff flack and now John Fetterman’s chief of staff, about this, I found myself blocked by him on Twitter.

Something is not adding up. Journalists all know it, and they are all covering for it.

During the campaign, NBC News reporter Dasha Burns, the only reporter to sit down face to face with Fetterman, took enormous fire from colleagues for questioning Fetterman’s ability to understand her questions without the assistance of captioning. There was a Senate seat at stake and that was far more important to Dasha Burns’s colleges in the media than being honest about Fetterman’s actual health. The campaign is over, Fetterman won, and the dogpiling on Burns proved that no journalist will dare question Fetterman’s current condition.

There were open questions as to how Fetterman, if elected, would be able to perform his Senate duties. Those questions went unasked, and unanswered, even after he was rushed to an emergency room for lightheadedness and malnourishment.

We have yet to hear from a single medical doctor treating John Fetterman, and there is zero pressure from the media to finally come clean about the true nature of Fetterman’s ability to serve. The public receives press statements regarding his condition that are both rare and vague.

In the meantime, his office is pushing out legislation with his signature, and without him being present on the Senate floor. Both his campaign and a donor who signed a medical letter — a doctor who also happened to be a campaign donor — said Fetterman would be back on full-time duty by now.

It’s time to end this charade, both for John Fetterman’s health, and the health of the Republic and the institution of the Senate. John Fetterman’s chief of staff is not an elected senator. If Pennsylvania’s elected Senator cannot perform his duties, even with an army of journalists covering up the true nature of his condition, then he must resign.

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