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Taylor Swift Top PA Costume Choice for Halloween 2023

She’s got a hit movie, a hot NFL boyfriend, and just concluded one of the highest-grossing tours of all time. And now Taylor Swift had topped another list.

Hottest Halloween costume in Pennsylvania.

The greeting card marketplace thortful used Google search trend data for its results and found the Swift costume ranked first in Pennsylvania, averaging 3,500 monthly sales. The Little Mermaid (3,100) and Barbie (2,700) came in second and third. Fourth was “Barbenheimer” (a combination of Barbie and “Oppenheimer,” the movie about the father of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer) and Wednesday Addams from the streaming series “Wednesday.”

Swift’s celebrity power is hard to deny. Many costume ideas this Halloween feature Swift and her new boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Thanks to her appearance in the stands for Kelce’s games — and the TV coverage of Swift’s skybox cheerleading —  the telecast of Fox’s “America’s Game of the Week” scored the highest among female demographics across ages 12-17 and 18-49.

However, some local stores that sell Halloween costumes told DVJournal Swifties aren’t swarming their stores. The clerks didn’t mention Swift, a West Reading native. Instead, Stephanie Leighton with ScarePros Halloween in Levittown said Super Mario is the hottest costume this season at her store. At the Party City in Warminster, Callie said Star Wars villain Darth Vader is number one.

DVJournal checked on the costumes some DelVal youngsters plan to wear.

Jake Abel, a Radnor commissioner and the father of four boys, said his oldest no longer dresses up, but the three youngest do. Eli, 12, and Benny, 11, got their costume idea from a funny YouTube video. They bought hot dog costumes and combined those with witch’s hats to become the “Wicked Weiner of the West.” Adam, 8, plans to wear a scary mask, said Abel.

Amanda Greenberg, who is running for the school board in West Chester, said, “We dress as a family every year. This year, my kids chose to be in the cast of Mario Brothers. My son Asher, 7, is Mario. My daughter Lyla,7, is Princess Peach. My son Harry, 5, is Luigi. I am Toadette, and my husband is Bowser. They chose this theme because we saw the movie in a theater as a family and loved it.”

“I’m enjoying it while I still can. I’m sure the twins will want to do their own thing in the coming years,” said Greenberg.

Jeff Jones, a candidate for Delaware County Council, said his one-and-a-half-year-old grandson, Levi, of Clifton Heights, will be dressed as Winnie the Pooh.

None of Broad + Liberty CEO Terry Tracy’s kids want to be Taylor Swift. Instead, said Tracy, who lives in Drexel Hill, his 7-year-old daughter, Caroline, will be Wednesday Addams because Wednesday is “the most popular girl on Halloween.” T.J., 3, will be a skeleton “because the costume is spooky and glows in the dark.” And Vera, 1, will be Sky from “Paw Patrol” because “she likes the theme song.”

Mia Samuel, 13, of Elkins Park, is going trick-or-treating with two friends, and all of them are dressing as Cupid, said her mom, Samantha Brooks. Mia will wear wings and red clothing and carry a bow.

And Chalfont resident Carly Walker, 15, plans to be a vampire, her mother Jamie Walker said. Carly and her friends decided on their costumes together.

And, in case you’re wondering what candy to buy for the trick-or-treaters, Pennsylvanians’ favorite is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, followed by Milky Way and Twix.

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