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Bucks County GOP Nominates Cabanas for House Special Election

The Bucks County Republican Executive Committee kast Thursday nominated Falls Township resident Candace Cabanas as the Republican candidate in the special election in the 140th Legislative District.

That seat is open because former Rep. John Galloway (D-Levittown) was elected as a district justice and resigned last week. His departure leaves the House evenly split between the parties until a special election can be held on February 13, 2024.

“We are proud to nominate Candace as the Republican candidate in this critical election,” said Bucks County GOP Chair Pat Poprik. “Candace shares the values of the working families in this community, understands their needs, and is ready on day one to be a fighter for their priorities.”

“I’m running because I understand firsthand the challenges faced by working families,” said Cabanas. “I know how difficult it is to raise a family and make ends meet in this economy, and I know how important it is to fight for the working-class citizens of Lower Bucks County. That’s exactly what I’ll do as your next state representative.

“In Harrisburg, I will be a vocal supporter of our police, firefighters, and first responders. Their daily sacrifices to keep our families safe are invaluable, and they deserve unwavering support and recognition for their heroic efforts.

“Drawing from my experience in home healthcare, I understand the burdens of rising healthcare costs on families. My goal is to fight for policies that make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for every Pennsylvanian.

“Finally, I believe that every student is entitled to a high-quality education that equips them for a rapidly changing economy. I am dedicated to securing our community’s rightful share of education funding, giving our students the tools they need for future success,” Cabanas concluded.

Under the Bucks County Republican Committee’s bylaws, the more than 100 Executive Committee members vote to nominate a candidate for a special election. They represent the Republican committeemen and committeewomen from across Bucks County.

Although former Falls Township Supervisor Joan Graves had announced she was running, she did not obtain the party’s nomination and will, therefore, not be on the ballot, Poprik explained.

“It’s not like a primary,” she said. “The party selects the candidate.”

Several Democrats have also announced they are vying for the position. They include Galloway’s former chief-of-staff Melanie Bidlingmaier, former Eagles cheerleader Donna Petrecco, and Pennsbury School Board Member Jim Pokopiak.

The Bucks County Democratic Party will select its candidate.