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GIORDANO: Protestors View DeSantis All Wrong

When  Gov. Ron DeSantis was in Philadelphia last week to receive an award at the Union League, protesters and much of the media led people to believe that when DeSantis is a racist.

They claimed that when DeSantis jousted with the College Board over what he saw as a very politicized advanced placement course on African American history, it was part of a pattern of disrespect and prejudice that the Florida governor exhibits toward Blacks.

Those people are unaware that Florida’s curriculum on race in America accurately, thoroughly, and in great detail requires schools in Florida to teach about the horrors of slavery.

Florida schools emphasize the Ocoee massacre, which occurred on November 2, 1920, in Ocoee, Fla. Thirty- five Black people were killed to stop Black people from voting. Most African American businesses and buildings were burned to the ground. This emphasis is similar to the national memorials on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre. Does that seem like DeSantis is hiding history?

Further, the Florida curriculum guidelines demand that schools teach, “The history and contributions of Americans of the African diaspora to society.” And also, “No person is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously, solely by his or her race or sex.” Every American should salute that statement. Are all schools teaching this?

Of course, the lies go well beyond DeSantis. People like pseudo-historian Don Lemon of CNN, the protesters in Philadelphia, and Nicole Hannah-Jones, author of “The 1619 Project,” to name a few, want Americas to believe that conservatives, many parents, and others don’t want the warts of American history to be taught to America’s kids.

I countercharge that many progressives don’t want the evolution and greatness of America to be taught. They don’t want kids to be told of the sacrifices of the Civil War that ended slavery. They don’t like to acknowledge how different the country is today. They do want kids to be taught that America is still a racist country.

This tendency is still exhibited by the Springfield Township commissioners in Montgomery County who recently banned a Thin Blue Line flag because a small number of people connected it to white supremacy.

I was told on my radio show that this woke positioning has already cost the township over $20,000 in various fees. Well, we broke the news on Friday that noted local attorney Wally Zimolong has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Springfield Township Police and the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police to contend the banning is unconstitutional. Defending against this lawsuit is going to cost a lot more.

In the suit, Zimolong notes the Fraternal Order of Police has affirmed its support for using the Thin Blue  Line flag by law enforcement and the communities they represent. PA FOP believes that the Thin Blue Line flag represents the preservation of the rule of law, the protection of peace and freedom, the sacrifice of fallen enforcement officers, and the dedication of law enforcement officers.

This “wokeism” is expensive and, based on this suit, promotes a lot of antagonism toward police across the region. I know this action by Springfield Township has outraged my listeners in several ways.

More and more people nationally are becoming aware of both the silliness and danger presented by these woke disputes. DeSantis has challenged them and received resounding approval in Florida. I predict that he will benefit greatly by challenging them on a national level.

So, Philadelphia protesters, don’t put away your signs and outrage. This battle has just begun.

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