There are two ways to fight terror.

One is to replace dictatorships with freedom.  Most prefer that, but you would have to overcome widespread and deep corruption both abroad and at home (which is obviously insurmountable).  Plus, there’s a very different culture that we may or may not understand so maybe Option #2 is the only real solution.

Option #2 is to kill Islamic extremists, particularly in terrorist safe-havens (and it might be endless).

We tried both approaches which kept us all safe for 20 years, but eventually failed (only at the highest levels). So it’ll all just fester and build until we have to revisit; which should be any day.

The freedom approach was tried in Iraq and was becoming a success until it was sabotaged by 30 second sound bites–just for starters.  It was a nice try and many, in Iraq, were very receptive, but our inability to overcome dishonest politicians made an already difficult outcome impossible.

We will eventually have to be aggressively merciless in our pursuit of peace, but it’s going to take a lot to get there – all brought to you by terrible “leadership” (here and elsewhere); leaders who are arguably more dangerous than any terrorist.

The first thing that has to happen (regardless of who you are and what your political orientation is) is to believe more in yourself than in your government.  Good government always believes more in you than in itself so it really is a win/win.  That is the real America and is very much alive and well in many circles.

Those that hate us do so for reasons that most of us don’t understand and cannot comprehend.  Things like equality, individuality and personal responsibility are inconsistent with the radical views of some, so our greatest weapon is being who we are without compromise and, fortunately for us, there is no shortage of heroes to defend that.

Plus, while we’re at it (and there is a connection) now would be a great time to reject how others divide us for their own irrelevant personal gain.  The differences that they harp on are invented by someone in a basement cubicle in Washington, D.C.  They mean nothing.

When in need you’ll find your neighbor to be a lot more reliable than your government so I think we can stop it with the politics and get back to what we do best.  We actually are better than that and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  They are wrong and it’s all starting to get a little old.

To sum it up: Maybe the best way to fight terror abroad is with freedom at home.