The Pennsylvania General Assembly was in session for a few votes last week on a wide range of issues. Here’s how your Delaware Valley delegation voted:



The Pennsylvania House passed HB 591 last week, designed to ease restrictions on small construction sites.  According to Representative David Zimmerman (R-Lancaster), who sponsored the bill, the legislation will provide an exemption to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit to construction sites greater than one acre, but less than five. It passed  largely along party lines 115-84, with two southeast Republicans, Reps. Chris Quinn and Craig Williams, voting no.


Final House Vote:


Bucks: Farry (R), Labs (R), Polinchock (R), Schroeder (R), Staats (R), Thomas (R), Tomlinson (R)

Chester: Hennessey (R), Lawrence (R), Sappey (D)

Montgomery: Ciresi (D), Hennessey (R), Mackenzie, M (R), Pennycuick (R), Webster (D)



Bucks: Davis (D), Galloway (D). Warren (D)

Chester: Herrin (D), Howard (D), Otten (D), Sappey (D), Shusterman (D), , Williams, Craig (R), Williams, Dan (D)

Delaware: Delloso (D), Kickland (D), Krueger (D), McClinton (D), O’Mara (D), Quinn (R), Vitali (D), Williams, Craig (R), Zabel (D), Young (D)

Montgomery:  Boyle (D) Bradford (D), Briggs (D), Daley (D), DeLissio (D), Guenst (D), Hanbridge (D), Malagari (D), Sanchez (D), Shusterman (D), Vitali (D)



The Pennsylvania Department of State (DoS) has come under fire from Republicans and Democrats alike following the botched advertisement of a Constitutional Amendment permitting a repeal of the Statute of Limitations in civil suits.  A report from the PA Inspector General’s Office revealed many staff members at the DoS were woefully uninformed on the legislative process in Pennsylvania.  Senator Dave Argall (R-Berks and Schuylkill) offered SB 764 to require training on the legislative process for the department.  The bill passed 36-13 and heads to the House for consideration.

Senate Final Vote:


Bucks: Mensch (R), Santarsiero (D), Tomlinson (R)

Chester: Muth (D)

Delaware: Cappelletti (D), Williams, A (D)

Montgomery: Cappelletti (D), Mensch (R), Muth (D)


Bucks: Collett (D),

Chester: Comitta (D), Kane (D), Kearney (D),

Delaware: Kane (D), Kearney (D)

Montgomery: Collett (D), Haywood (D), Hughes (D)


On the same issue, Senator Kristen Phillip Hill (R-York) offered legislation this week to remedy the issue that the Constitutional Amendment debacle uncovered earlier this year at the Pennsylvania Department of State.  SB 738 would require the status of a Constitutional Amendment to be posted online for the public to view.  This measure passed 43-6 and heads to the House for consideration.

Final Senate Vote:


Bucks: Collett (D), Mensch (R), Tomlinson (R)

Chester: Comitta (D), Muth (D)

Delaware: Cappelletti (D), Williams, A (D)

Montgomery: Cappelletti (D), Collett (D), Hughes (D), Mensch (R), Muth (D)


Bucks: Santarsiero (D)

Chester: Kane (D), Kearney (D),

Delaware: Kane (D), Kearney (D)

Montgomery: Haywood (D))