Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood embodies the epicenter of every failed policy imposed upon the American people, rivaling even the border itself.

It stands as a potent symbol, exposing the catastrophic aftermath of a series of ill-conceived and potentially malicious policies. The porous borders, widespread homelessness, unaddressed mental health issues, controversial “safe needle injection sites,” diminished law enforcement funding, subpar education system, and the insidious proliferation of fentanyl all show up in Kensington, and all intertwine, weaving a destructive web of inevitable repercussions and hardships for those ensnared within its grasp. Regrettably, a Kensington can be found in nearly every corner of America.

It’s inconceivable that our once great nation has embraced such an acute level of human suffering, merely accepting it as the “new normal” without introspection. We’ve grown callous and cold, losing touch with our collective identity as Americans. When asked what it means to be American, many are met with nothing but vacant stares. We’ve relinquished our national identity, forgetting the values that made us a beacon of hope: faith, family, patriotism, and meritocracy, just to name a few.

Just as there is, unfortunately, a hunger for fentanyl, I believe there is a hunger for Truth—a yearning to return to the core principles that once defined us. Like the fading details of a dream, the specifics may elude us, but the emotions remain. We have awakened from the American Dream that inspired my own parents to leave India and seek a new life in the U.S. Though the dream may have faded, the longing for what it truly meant to be American lingers within us.

My campaign for president is fueled by a deep commitment to reclaiming and reviving our national identity, asking the crucial questions: Who are we as a nation? What are the foundations of our beliefs and the reasons behind them? How do we define the essence of being an American? And, crucially, how can we reignite the American Dream, rooted in the values of hard work and civic duty to our nation?

We refuse to limit ourselves to voicing grievances alone; we are determined to present concrete solutions. Our collective strength lies not in our differences but in the unifying threads that bind us together. Guided by the unwavering pursuit of Truth, we have set out on a journey to explore the multifaceted meaning of what being an American truly means. With the resolve to confront our challenges head-on, clearing the path for a future full of possibilities is just within reach once again.

This nation’s foundation rests upon the belief in a higher power who has bestowed upon each of us a unique purpose. It doesn’t matter what our skin color, gender, sexuality, or religious affiliation may be; the core principle upon which this nation was built is the recognition that there is Someone greater than ourselves. There are certain truths that are both sacred and undeniable, with the foremost being the existence of God. The pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness can only be fully realized through faith in a Creator.

In contrast, new-age religions such as Climate-ism, Transgenderism, Humanism, Globalism, and others prioritize the collective good, and the needs of the individual be damned. As this generation discards the traditions and fundamental truths for something seemingly more modern and attractive, they increasingly find themselves empty, depressed, and burdened by guilt and anxiety. We are currently living among a generation searching for authenticity, a higher purpose beyond themselves. Fortunately, there is an answer to their longing – Faith.

The nuclear family is time-proven and serves as the strongest foundation for a flourishing society, and is the most effective form of governance known to man. By addressing the root causes of societal challenges, we empower individuals and families with the necessary tools to overcome obstacles and thrive. Instead of relying on pseudo-compassionate policies, we should strive to establish a culture that facilitates parenthood, enables individuals to secure jobs supporting their families, and encourages marriage while providing incentives for expanding the family unit. This isn’t overly complex; breaking the cycle of dependence, despair, and the erosion of the family unit allows us to cultivate an environment overflowing with hope and limitless opportunities for everyone.

Faith and family shape who we are, and our strong desire to belong resonates within our nation. We take joy in the incredible accomplishments made through our unwavering determination and creativity in this country. We refuse to let the world define us; instead, we proudly embrace our American identity. In America, we have the power to reject victimhood and take control of our own lives, creating a future filled with dignity and respect. This unwavering belief captures the essence of being an American, and the solutions to our biggest challenges lie within each of us choosing well in this next presidential election.