Businessman and 2020 GOP U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick joins the DVJournal podcast to talk about his new book, Superpower in Peril:  A Battle Plan to Renew America.

He also talks to DVJ News Editor Linda Stein about current events, including the Biden administration’s “don’t call it a bailout” rescue of Silicon Valley Bank’s depositors. McCormick says guaranteeing every depositor dollar — far above the $250,000 protected by FDIC insurance — creates “moral hazard” and could be setting a very expensive precedent for U.S. taxpayers.

From TikTok to a failing education system, McCormick lays out his concerns about the perils facing America’s future. But he also offers solutions as well.

Could those solutions be part of a 2024 U.S. Senate bid? It’s all part of the podcast.

Hosted by Michael Graham.