In the wake of the brutal Hamas attack on Israel, George Donnelly, the chief of staff for progressive state Sen. Nikil Saval (D-Philadelphia), retweeted anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian statements.

In response to denunciations of Hamas’ violence against Israeli civilians, one social media account responded, “What did y’all think decolonization meant? Vibes? Papers? Essays? Losers.” And “Progressive commentators saying Palestinians have entered ‘Israeli territory’…baby check yourselves. You’re part of the problem.” Another responded to criticism of Hamas violence with the message, “Damn, a lot of you really are fairweather friends to the Palestinians.”

Donnelly retweeted all of these statements.

Saval (D-Philadelphia) did not respond to a request for comment.  However, Saval did issue a statement denouncing Hamas and Donnelly has since deleted his posts.

State Sens. Steven Santarsiero (D-Bucks) and Judith Schwank (D-Berks) cosponsored a memo that Senate Leader Jay Costa cosigned for a resolution condemning the terrorist attacks.

“As you no doubt know by now, on Saturday, the Jewish sabbath, or as it is called in Hebrew, Shabbat — and nearly 50 years to the day after the beginning of the Yom Kippur War, which was deliberately started on Judaism’s holiest day — Hamas launched an unprovoked terrorist attack against Israel, firing over 2500 rockets at cities throughout the country, while invading Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip. As of this writing, according to many reports, hundreds of Israelis have been killed, and many have been taken hostage, including civilians and young children.

“When the Senate reconvenes on October 16, we will be introducing a resolution condemning this unprovoked and repugnant attack and voicing our strong support for the State of Israel and its people in their time of need. We invite you to join us by co-sponsoring this resolution,” the memo stated.

The Pennsylvania Republican House leadership commented: “We strongly condemn terrorism against America’s closest ally, the nation of Israel. As terrorists have invaded their sovereign borders, taken hostages, and launched offensive weapons that have killed more than 900 innocent Israelis and injured thousands more, Israel deserves America’s strong support.

“Many hearts are broken, and it will take a very long time for hearts to heal. The Yom Kippur War anniversary rekindled many of the traumatic feelings Israelis who survived that war as wounded and imprisoned soldiers, survivors, spouses, and children and grandchildren of victims have been quietly and privately living with for decades. The wounds from this attack, touching so many families, will likewise linger. The stories of those murdered, wounded, and kidnapped within their homes and ‘safe rooms,’ and during their parties and holiday celebrations is heartbreaking.”

“There should be no equivocation on this matter. Those who are marching in Philadelphia and with organizations in line with the Democratic Socialists of America, who count members of the Democratic Party as their members, supporters, and political allies, should be ashamed of the dissemination of the worst type of propaganda.

“These are immoral actions that call for bipartisan denunciation. Our prayers are with those who suffered the atrocities of these acts of terror.”