Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave McCormick got good news when the group Americans for Prosperity Action announced it is spending “seven figures” to air ads in Pennsylvania and Nevada for U.S. Senate candidates. The spots began on Monday.

In Pennsylvania, the ads tout McCormick, 58, who is challenging Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.) as “A leader we can trust.” Another ad hits Casey, saying, “Bob Casey failed Pennsylvania” and “He deserves a pink slip, not another term.”

“Pennsylvanians need a new leader in the Senate. Dave McCormick understands where inflation comes from runaway government spending. He’s ready to be part of the solution by putting an end to Washington waste,” said Ashley Klingensmith, AFP Action senior advisor for Pennsylvania.

The $1 million ad buy to benefit McCormick includes spots on connected TV (streaming) and the internet, including on sites like YouTube, said Christine Ravold, AFP Action spokeswoman.

Casey, 63, is already fundraising off the ads. In a fundraising email, he asks donors to send him money because billionaire Charles Koch funds AFP Action.

Asked about that, Ravold acknowledged her organization was funded by Charles and his late brother, David Koch.

“However, we receive donations from many individuals across the country who are committed to reigniting the American Dream,” she said.

McCormick is an Army veteran who attended West Point after graduating high school in Bloomsburg and served in the 82nd Airborne Division. He owns the family Christmas tree farm there and lives in Pittsburgh, where he spent his younger childhood. McCormick, who holds a Ph.D. from Princeton, was Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs under President George W. Bush.

He is also a successful businessman. Before leaving for a political career, he was CEO of Bridgewater, a hedge fund.

Casey is the son of the late Bob Casey Sr., who was governor of Pennsylvania. A Scranton native, Casey was the state’s auditor general and treasurer. After graduating from Holy Cross College, he earned a Catholic University of America law degree.


In 2022, McCormick ran in the Republican U.S. Senate primary but narrowly lost to Dr. Mehmet Oz. Democrat John Fetterman easily defeated Oz in the general election.

“Sen. Casey is hoping that his terrible record of representing Pennsylvania voters will go unnoticed, but the fact is Pennsylvanians are reminded every day at the grocery store and the gas pump,” said Klingensmith. “The Keystone State is full of economic potential, but the American Dream is out of reach for so many because Casey continues to vote against the interests of Pennsylvanians. Dave McCormick’s experience positions him to better advance economic opportunity for Pennsylvanians from Pitt to Philly and everywhere in between.”

In Nevada, AFP Action is supporting Republican Sam Brown for the Senate. Brown is challenging incumbent Jacky Rosen.

Republicans hope to retake control of the Senate this year. Democrats must defend 23 seats, including in states that are Republican or lean Republican, like Montana, Ohio, and West Virginia, where Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin announced he won’t be seeking another term.

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