When 173 congressional Democrats voted to uphold Washington D.C.’s new crime policy, lowering the penalties for carjacking and other violent crimes, Pennsylvania’s Rep Susan Wild was proud to count herself among them.

On Wednesday, as U.S. Senate Democrats like Bob Casey prepare to support a GOP proposal to override the D.C. government and kill the proposal, Republicans are targeting Wild for her “soft on crime” vote in a new digital ad.

It’s a reminder of how quickly politics can turn in Washington, D.C.

“Forget safe streets and neighborhoods — House Democrats remain more concerned with promoting policies that appease violent criminals,” said National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Richard Hudson“This is just a preview of how these extremist House Democrats will be held accountable for coddling criminals all cycle long.”

Wild is one of 15 Democrats being targeted by the NRCC.

From the ad:


Carjackers given slaps on the wrist by pandering politicians.

Not just the D.C. City Council. 

173 House Democrats voted for reduced sentences for violent crimes.

So crazy even President Biden won’t support the anarchy.

What’s next? Defund the police?

Tell Susan Wild to keep Pennsylvania families safe.”

Congressional Democrats complain that they’ve been left hanging by the White House after President Biden appeared to reverse his stance on the GOP resolution overriding the crime bill. As of Tuesday, support for the D.C. government had fallen so low, even Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he was going to vote for the GOP measure.

“I’m going to vote ‘yes,’ Schumer told reporters. “It was a close question, but on balance I’m voting ‘yes.’”

Axios reports that House Democrats are “rip roarin’ pissed” over the White House reversal. “He [Biden] is going to have a much harder time asking people to take tough votes after this,” a House Democrat said.

Wild is viewed as a solidly liberal member of the Democratic caucus, with a 93.84 percent rating from Progressive Punch, which ranks members on their voting record. Her support for D.C.’s progressive crime policy isn’t her first political controversy. During the 2o22 campaign, she suggested that Carbon County, Pa. voters needed to be “schooled” because they chose to vote for Donald Trump.

“I’m not quite sure what was in their heads because the people of Carbon County are exactly the kind of people who should not be voting for a Donald Trump, but I guess I might have to school them on that a little bit,”  Wild said.

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