Joe Biden is in the Keystone State this week to tout his failed Bidenomics agenda. Pennsylvanians are sure to hear endless nonsense and political spin about Biden’s sluggish economy. A real leader would step up, apologize for the damage his policies have done, and work to find a solution. Unfortunately, Biden isn’t a real leader – he’s a 50-year career politician who’s more comfortable going on vacation and taking a salary from taxpayers than he is serving the American people. Pennsylvanians – and Americans from coast to coast – are paying the price.

With Biden in the White House, Pennsylvania has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, ranking 44th. Pennsylvanians are not only struggling to find work but they’re being hammered by crushing Bidenflation: according to Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, inflation has cost the average Pennsylvania family over $7,600 since Biden took office. Last year, Pennsylvania’s average gas and diesel prices both hit new record highs under Biden; Pennsylvania’s average gas prices currently sit at $3.67 per gallon. That’s nearly $1 higher than when Biden became president.

Fewer jobs, more expensive goods, and consistent pain at the pump – that’s hardly a record for economic success. Biden doesn’t care. Economists from across the political spectrum have gone on the record saying that Biden’s policies led directly to the inflation hammering families from Erie to Philadelphia.

It doesn’t help that Pennsylvania has had two consecutive far-left governors in Tom Wolf and his hand-picked successor Josh Shapiro. They have demonstrated the failure of Democrat policies at every turn. Pennsylvanians have yet to recover from his brutal lockdowns during COVID: the Keystone State ranks 34th nationally for jobs recovered since the pandemic. When it comes to our kids, Pennsylvania ranked 35th for getting children back to in-person school during the 2020-2021 school year. It comes as no surprise that last year, Pennsylvania had the fourth-largest total population decline in the country – trailing just three other Democrat-run states.

Of course, Gov. Shapiro and Biden are political allies – losers stick together. Biden campaigned with Shapiro just days before the 2022 midterm elections. Since then, in addition to suffering Democrat-created economic woes, Pennsylvania continues to be dangerously unsafe under Democrat control. Last year, Pittsburgh reported its highest number of homicides in a decade, and the state capital Harrisburg saw its highest number of homicides in at least 36 years.

Philadelphia has become a national poster child for violent dysfunction, reporting at least 512 homicides last year alone, barely below its all-time record. Local favorite Wawa recently announced it would be closing another store in Center City Philadelphia – the sixth since 2020 – due to continued safety and security concerns. Police departments in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have become drastically understaffed as far-left politicians, from the local level on up to the White House, continue to surround themselves with defund-the-police activists and undermine law enforcement at every turn.

Businesses shuttered, never to return. Kids kept out of school, causing untold damage to their development. Prices rising alongside violent crime and a stream of citizens abandoning the Keystone State. By any meaningful measure, Joe Biden and Pennsylvania Democrats have failed the good people of Pennsylvania. Don’t be fooled by Biden’s cheap spin this week — vote to make him a one-term president in 2024.

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