As a Navy veteran who dedicated a significant portion of my life to serving our country, I understand on a deeply personal level the critical importance of leadership, dedication, and integrity required to be an effective public servant. That’s why I am wholeheartedly supporting Dave Sunday for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Dave’s journey, shaped by his service in the United States Navy on deployments to regions like the Persian Gulf and South America, resonates deeply with the core values instilled in those who serve: honor, courage, and commitment. His time in the Navy not only honed his leadership skills, but also provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted security challenges our nation faces. In the complex and demanding role of Attorney General, where crisis management and sound decision-making are paramount, Dave’s military experience equips him uniquely for the task at hand.

Beyond his military service, Dave’s track record as the York County District Attorney speaks volumes about his unwavering dedication to justice, public safety, and community well-being. Under his leadership, York County experienced historic declines in crime and recidivism rates, a testament to his effective strategies and proactive approach to law enforcement. Dave’s initiatives in combating the fentanyl epidemic, protecting seniors from scams, and prosecuting serious crimes like murders and narcotics cases underscore his commitment to safeguarding our communities and ensuring that justice is served.

What sets Dave apart is not just his impressive resume or his proven track record, but his genuine empathy and understanding of the issues facing Pennsylvanians. As a Navy veteran, he understands firsthand the sacrifices made by those who serve our country and is committed to ensuring that veterans receive the support and resources they need when they return home. His office’s advocacy for veterans’ rights and its efforts to address issues like Veteran homelessness and mental health demonstrate his compassion and dedication to those who have served.

Perhaps most importantly, Dave embodies the values of integrity, honesty, and transparency that are essential for any public servant. In an era marked by political divisiveness and distrust in government institutions, Dave’s commitment to ethical leadership and accountability is refreshing. He understands that the Attorney General’s role is not just to enforce the law, but to uphold the principles of fairness and justice that are the foundation of who we are.

As Pennsylvania Republicans prepare to head to the polls on April 23rd, I urge them to join me in supporting Dave Sunday for Attorney General. His leadership, experience, and unwavering commitment to justice make him the clear choice to lead Pennsylvania forward. With Dave Sunday at the helm, I am confident that Pennsylvania will become a safer, fairer, and more just commonwealth for all of us.

Dave Sunday’s Sunday’s collaborative approach to public safety resulted in a 30 percent decrease in crime during his first term, reductions in the prison population by almost 40 percent since its peak, and a reduced supervision caseload. A recent study conducted by IUP indicates that offenders in York have the lowest recidivism rate over a 5-year period, as compared to seven other counties. Additionally, since the implementation of York’s Early Termination of Probation Program, only 5 percent of the cases submitted recidivated within two years, resulting in a 95 percent success rate, now serving as a statewide model.

Dave is also a top litigator, a United States Navy Veteran and a dynamic leader who put himself through college and law school while working at UPS. Dave leads an office of prosecutors and detectives who together investigate and prosecute approximately 9,000 criminal cases annually.

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