(From a press release.)

The Republican Committee of Chester County (RCCC) convened on Tuesday for its biennial reorganization meeting, where the election of officers took place. Raffi Terzian, M.D., the current RCCC Chairman, ran unopposed and was reelected, continuing his leadership along with a strong and committed slate of officers.

The newly elected officers are as follows:

· Executive Vice-Chair: Ted Murphy

· Vice-Chair: Paula Tropiano

· Treasurer: Barbara Spall

· Financial Secretary: Beverly Pancott

· Secretary: Lin-Marie Salvato

· Assistant Secretary: Jonathan McGrath

Dr. Terzian expressed his gratitude and said he was honored to continue serving with such a highly qualified team. He thanked the committee for placing confidence in him and his team to continue leading the RCCC and Chester County Republican Party forward.

Dr. Terzian also emphasized the significance of unity within the party.

“We must stand together, united in our focus and purpose as Republicans, to ensure the success of our entire slate of candidates this fall.”

This reorganization marks a significant step in the ongoing rebuilding efforts of the RCCC. Under Dr. Terzian’s leadership, the committee has been focused on revitalizing its structure, enhancing community engagement, and strengthening grassroots efforts. The team is committed to sustaining this progress, working tirelessly to rebuild and enhance the RCCC’s impact throughout Chester County.