For an alternate viewpoint, see “Point: Why 2023 Was a Good Year for Democrats.”

2023 was a great year for Americans who value a strong America, liberty, lower taxes, more jobs, and better education for all children.

At the national level, we have suffered through three years of Bidenomics: wasteful spending, corrupt subsidies, inflation, special interest regulations and job-killing taxes. We have learned what Bidenomics means. How much Bidenomics cost middle America. How it drives inflation.

In the 50 states, we saw Republican-governed states create better government at lower costs. Americans noticed the difference: More and more are moving from expensive blue states to growing red states.

This year follows two lousy years for all Americans. In 2021 and 2022, the Democratic Party controlled the House, Senate and White House. They ran riot.

Bidenomics was imposed on America. Taxes increased. Spending pushed up by trillions. Democrats promptly shoveled tax dollars to corrupt corporate “climate” subsidies. These were favors for the few. The national debt grew.

The spending spree unleashed inflation rates not seen since Jimmy Carter’s collapsing economy. Over the last three years, the cost of living increased by 20 percent. Average wages increased only 13.5 percent. Life savings declined in value. The typical family in America is poorer than the day Biden became president.

New taxes and regulations on American workers and businesses drove jobs, savings and investment to other nations. China. Europe.

In 2023, Republicans regained the House of Representatives, and the bleeding began to slow. No additional taxes. No new spending “programs.”

On the state level this year, Republicans controlled 27 states and have been working to phase down state income taxes to a single flat rate and then to zero.

Already, seven states have no state personal income tax. Twelve states have announced they will phase their state income tax to zero.  Eleven states have a single-rate income tax. Four have passed laws moving to a flat rate. Single-rate income taxes are hard to increase — everyone gets hit. And easier to reduce — everyone clearly benefits.

Now, 14 states have laws requiring state funding to follow students to the school their parents choose: public, charter, private or homeschooling.

In 2023, workers won when Tennessee placed Right to Work into its state constitution — there are now 26 states that protect workers from being forced to “join” and pay union dues or be fired.

A key advantage America has over other nations: In our federal system, the states compete with one another to provide the best government at the lowest cost. Americans can move from failed states (California, New York) to well-governed states (Tennessee, Florida and Texas). And do.

As 2023 reaches its final days, we look back at a year when America saw failure at the national level and success in red states. Bidenomics is damaging the nation. Red states are pulling ahead of Blue/Bidenomic states.

Americans are now free to chart their future toward prosperity and growth and away from inflation, debt and Bidenomics.