(From a press release.)

An evening of classic comedy movies along with an Italian dinner will be held on Sunday, April 21st at 5:30 pm at Georgine’s Restaurant, in Bristol. This family-friendly event is open to the public, and organized by the Two Tars Tent of Philadelphia, the local chapter of The Sons of the Desert.

In 1964 a group of Laurel and Hardy film enthusiasts including actor Orson Bean formed a fun-loving fraternal organization called The Sons of the Desert, is a tongue-in-cheek organization dedicated to the enjoyment of Laurel and Hardy and other classic comedy films. Stan Laurel helped to pen the group’s comic ‘constitution’ including ‘tents’ led by a ‘Grand Sheik’.

The Delaware-Valley area Two Tars is one of the oldest and is in its 53rd year.

“Many kids are delighted to see these classic comedies for the first time,” explained ‘Sheik’ Elaine Madden of West Chester. “While everyone loves these movies, the children laugh the loudest at these great comedians.”

The program will also include an “Our Gang” short and a classic cartoon.  Tickets include an Italian dinner buffet at this popular restaurant. Tickets and program information are available. Or check out event details on their Facebook group.

The Two Tars Tent has been showing Laurel and Hardy and other classic comedy programs in the Philadelphia area for more than 50 years. The Two Tars Tent was instrumental in establishing the Intra-Tent Journal, a publication of the International Sons of the Desert.