Gay pride marchers weren’t feeling too happy Sunday when anti-Israel protesters pushed their way into the path of their parade and brought the festivities to a halt.

“Tense moments at Philly Pride Parade as Pro-Palestine protesters were seen blocking the path of the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade at 11th and Locust Streets heading into Gayborhood,” reported PhillyChitChat’s HughE Dillon, who was on the scene.

Other videos posted on social media show a throng of protesters chanting “Free, free Palestine!” and “From the seat to the river, Palestine will live forever!” confronting the Pride marchers, and angry arguments ensuing.

In one video, anti-Israel activists can be seen holding up a rainbow flag with “No pride in genocide” painted across it. “Long live the Intifada” — a reference to years of deadly Palestinian terrorism targeting Israeli civilians — was also waving in the crowd.

The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) did not respond to a request for comment. One of the chants from the anti-Israel crowd was “PPD! KKK! IOF They’re all the same!” (IOF is “Israel Occupation Forces” or “Israel Offensive Forces,” pejorative terms for the Israel Defense Force.)

Some of the anti-Israel protesters were also wearing Pride gear, the videos show. Ironically, the Islamist group Hamas that was governing Hamas until it attacked Israel on Oct. 7. 2023 treats homosexuality as a crime. It even executes people — including its own leaders — for being gay.