From a press release

The Westown Historical Commission recently awarded its annual Good Steward Award to Craig and Mary Harlyvetch of Oakbourne Road, in Westown. The award honors property owners who have made efforts to preserve the character of a historic home or building. The award was given at last Sunday’s Westown Day event held at Oakbourne Mansion in Westown.

Historical Commission chair Pam Boulos (left) presents the Steward Award to Mary and Craig Harleyvetch.

The historic Chester County home is named Serenity and is nearly 250 years old. Craig and Mary have made continued efforts over the years to preserve much of the original structure, and in some cases, commissioned hardware to be replicated in the authentic style of the Colonial period. The couple decided to name their home Serenity, labeled near the front door.

A glass topped table in Serenity displays historic artefacts the couple found around the property during their historic renovations. Besides centuries-old pottery, coins and toys is an intact patent medicine bottle.

The award plaque was presented by the chair of the Historical Commission, Pam Boulos. “We were delighted to vote for the Serenity House this year”, explained Pam. “To find a home build in the 1780’s

so well cared-for is a great example of the love of history shown by many residents in Wes9own and around Chester County.”  Mary Harlyvetch is retired from a career at QVC. Craig Harlyvetch administers marketing data at Longwood Gardens.