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Students Walk Out Over Shared Restrooms at Sun Valley High School

Despite threats from the district about possible suspensions, 40 to 60 students walked out of Sun Valley High School in…

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Perkiomen Valley Students Stage Walkout Over Transgender Bathroom Vote

About 400 students marched out of Perkiomen High School on Friday to protest a school board vote allowing boys to…

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WALKER: New Central Bucks Board’s Wrongheaded Hires

At the January 11, 2024, Central Bucks board meeting, the Democrat majority representatives hired James Scanlan, Ed.D., as interim superintendent…

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Wallingford-Swarthmore Superintendent Walks Back Anti-Christmas Memo

After a DVJournal report on the district ordering school bus drivers to stop wearing Christmas-themed clothes or displaying Christmas decorations,…

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WALKER: The Central Bucks Community Should Be Concerned

On Dec. 13. the new Democrat-controlled Central Bucks School board had its first policy meeting, and if you are a…

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State Ed Dept Launches Phone Line With Pep Talks from PA Students  

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) on Wednesday unveiled “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania”—an automated phone number that anyone…

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Casey Outflanked by Local Democrat on Debate Over Penn President Magill and Antisemitism

(This article first appeared in Broad + Liberty.) Although the 2024 elections are a full eleven months away, candidates —…

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Philadelphia School District Walks Back Professional Development Course on the So-Called ‘Genocide’ in Gaza

(This article first appeared in Broad + Liberty) The School District of Philadelphia says it is not offering teachers a…

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WALKER: Democrats, Teachers’ Union Rain Money on Central Bucks School Board Race to Try to Wrest Control

The COVID pandemic of 2020 exposed many fault lines within the education system.  What became apparent during this most difficult…

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Cheltenham Hosts Emotional Meeting After Armed Student Caught at Football Game

A 17-year-old Cheltenham High School student bringing a gun with two high-capacity magazines to a football game in Abington Friday…

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Shapiro’s Budget Would Balloon Deficit to $6 Billion Plus, Watchdog Says

Hold on to your wallet. The Commonwealth Foundation has come out with another critique of…

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ORTEGA: Republicans and Democrats Ignore the Growing Latino Vote

According to experts, this year’s presidential and congressional elections will come down to a small…

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