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Former Towamencin Supervisor Marino Will Not Appeal Decision in Ballot Case

Despite receiving the most eligible votes in last November's election, Richard Marino III will not be serving as a Towamencin…

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Osei Wins Tiebreaker in Towamencin Supervisor Race, Holds Off on Declaring Victory

Kofi Osei picked the winning tile after a tie with incumbent Rich Marino for Towamencin supervisor in the Nov. 7,…

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Court Ruling on Undated Ballots Could Overturn Towamencin Township Election

In what’s being called a landmark case for election integrity, the federal Third Circuit Court on Wednesday upheld a ruling…

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Towamencin Board of Supervisors Deadlocked on Sale of Sewer System

The Towamencin Board of Supervisors remained deeply divided and deadlocked over the potential sale of the sewer system. It was…

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Lara Trump, RNC Train GOP Election Volunteers in Newtown

Republican National Committee co-chairs Lara Trump and Michael Whatley came to the Delaware Valley this…

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RNC Committeeman Andy Reilly: PA Trump Support ‘Intense,’ Will Boost McCormick for Senate

Pennsylvania's Republican National Committeeman Andy Reilly tells the DVJournal podcast that the enthusiasm for Donald…

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