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PODCAST: Lou Barletta On Lessons the PA GOP Should Learn From Midterm Mess

Former GOP Congressman Lou Barletta joins the Delaware Valley Journal podcast to talk about his experience running for governor in…

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PODCAST: Lou Barletta Says He’s The Trump Guy PA Dems Can Love

In this edition of the Delaware Valley Journal podcast, former Congressman (and mayor of Hazelton, Pa.) Lou Barletta talks to…

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In PA Governor’s Race, Corman Bows Out, Endorses Barletta

Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman, who came within a whisker of dropping out of the governor's race a few weeks…

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PODCAST: F&M Poll Reveals That Things Still Up in The Air as GOP Primary Nears

A new Franklin & Marshall College Poll hit Thursday showing the GOP races for governor and U.S. Senate remain very close…

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Lou Barletta Promises to Bus Illegal Immigrants to Delaware, President Biden’s Home State

If he becomes Pennsylvania governor, Lou Barletta says he will bus illegal immigrants to Delaware. Barletta is taking a page…

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Midterm Election Dominated DVJournal’s 2022 Coverage

Looking back at 2022, the most significant stories the Delaware Valley Journal covered involved the midterm election. The primary campaign…

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DelVal Republicans Say They’ll Support Mastriano

How does conservative firebrand and Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano play in the Delaware Valley? Is his passionate America First…

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Mastriano Easily Wins GOP Primary for Governor

Trump-backing firebrand state Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Franklin) easily won the Republican nomination for governor, setting up a showdown with Democratic…

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Polls Predict Sen. Mastriano Winning GOP Primary for Governor

The governor’s race also had a bombshell drop as the finish line comes into view. On Saturday, Trump endorsed state…

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DelVal Counties Gear Up for 2022 Primary on May 17

Voters head back to the polls for the May 17 primary in what is shaping up to possibly be a…

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GIORDANO: Block Safe Injection Sites

Due to the high murder rate and increasing lawlessness, fewer and fewer people venture into…

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Republicans Tap Army Vet Katie Ford for House Special Election

Katie Ford, a U.S. Army veteran and special instructor for early intervention working with children…

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